19 July, 2017

[Walkthrough] My Sweet Proposal - Masaya Todo Season 2

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for the Walkthrough!)

Season 2: Main Story

Chapter 1: Love Continues

1.02 You couldn't wait now, could you? (+5)
You know how to predict my movement, huh?
I didn't think you had so much free time.

1.09 He just isn't sure what to feel. (+5)
He'll eventually come to like you someday.
He probably likes you a lot.

1.14 I didn't say anything.
Are you reading my mind?
I'm jealous of Masaya. (+5)

Chapter 2: Love Differs

2.03 What indeed?
Whose fault do you think this is, huh?
I'm not so sure myself. (+5)

2.09 No more games.
That goes for both of us.
It's my shield. (+5)

2.13 Why would you ask? (+5)
I'm not mad.
What do you think?

Chapter 3: Love Lost

3.01 That's not like you at all. (+5)
You won't fool me.
Really now...

3.10 You don't like it?
Too cheesy? (+5)
Isn't it obvious?

3.15 I don't want to be a bother.
You're being so nice today. (+5)
Focus on your work.

Chapter 4: Love Chaos

4.02 Not you too...
I'm the one that's no match for him. (+5)
I'm pushy, is that it?

4.10 Avatar Trial
Premium Avatar: Soft Pastel Green Colored Chiffon Dress (Charm +20) - 400 Platinum
Normal Avatar: Soft Pastel Green Colored Satin Party Bag (Charm +10) - 200 Platinum / 4,000 Love Points

4.10 I wouldn't want to bother you. (+5)
I'll sit.
If you insist...

4.15 Would you mind letting go? (+5)
Not you too, Mr.Todo.

Chapter 5: Love Conveys

5.05 I don't know.
I've never been so lost. (+5)
I don't want to mean it.

5.10 Would you believe I was running away? (+5)
Maybe a little vacation.
I wouldn't call it a trip.

5.14 I believe you.
Stop calling me stupid
That's so you. (+5)

Chapter 6:Love Engraved

6.05 Honestly, I'm fine either way. (+5)
This is Masaya's call.
If you really don't mind.

6.08 You don't have to raise the bar.
Haha, I look forward to that. (+5)
You don't have to have a line prepared in advance.

6.09 Avatar Trial
Premium Avatar: Necklace with Twin Hearts (Charm +20) - 400 Platinum
Normal Avatar: Pastel Colored Flower Headband (Charm +10) - 200 Platinum / 8,000 Love Points

6.11 What's wrong?
I'm flattered.
Now that's lip service. (+5)

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