19 July, 2017

[Walkthrough] My Sweet Proposal - Shinya Tokito

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for the Walkthough!)

Main Story

Chapter 1: Return of the Competent Boss

1.05 Good morning.
Welcome back. (+5)
It’s been a while.

1.08 Protest. (+5)
That’s true…
Stay silent.

1.13 Did you buy that by accident?
It’s nothing.
It’s a bit unexpected. (+5)

Chapter 2: A Glimpse of the Real Him

2.01 Bow to Shinya.
Thank Shinya silently. (+5)
Call out to Shinya.

2.06 Get out of bed.
Close my eyes again.
For the time being, sit up. (+5)

2.07 Special Scenario
? Affection Points  needed to pass - Get a CG!

2.15 I’ve lost my card case. (+5)
It’s nothing.
I’m just looking for something.

Chapter 3: The Missing Past

3.03 I’ll refrain.
Look at Shinya. (+5)
I’d like to go.

3.07 Does it look like that? (+5)
I don’t think that’s true.
What do you mean?

3.11 Go and buy coffee. (+5)
Think about something else.
Concentrate on work.

3.12 Avatar Trial
Premium Avatar: Cool Blue Eyes (Charm 20+) – 300 Platinum
Normal Avatar: Pink and Orange Boots- Rose Headdress (Charm 10+) – 150 Platinum / 3,500 Love

3.14 Special Scenario
? Affection Points  needed to pass - Get a CG!

Chapter 4: An Unrequited Longing

4.03 Have her come and pick it up.
Deliver it yourself.
Send it by post. (+5)

4.06 Nod silently. (+5)->?
I don’t know.
He stopped you.

4.14 Stop walking.
Nod at him.
Good morning. (+5)

Chapter 5: So Close, And Yet So Far

5.02 Confirm it with your own eyes. (+5)
Please read it.
It’s from Mai.

5.07 I wasn’t going to do anything.
Please don’t ask that.
That would be a shock. (+5)

5.12 Cafe au lait (+5)
Black coffee

Chapter 6: Warmness of a Touch

6.01 Try and get out.
Call for help on my phone.
Wait for the power to come back on. (+5)

6.04 Special Scenario
? Affection Points  needed to pass - Get a CG!

6.09 Please get some sleep! (+5)
You’re not allowed to push yourself too hard.
Of course you’re not fine.

6.12 Engagement Strength Trial
8,000 Engagement Strength needed to pass

6.13 Japanese food. (+5)
Chinese food.
Western food.

Chapter 7: A Binded Heart

7.04 Wait obediently.
I’ll be late.
Why? (+5)

7.07 Avatar Trial
Premium Avatar: Ice Blue Elegant One-Piece Dress (Charm 20+) – 300 Platinum
Normal Avatar: Pink-Heeled Sandal With a Blue Rose (Charm 10+) – 150 Platinum / 4,500 Love

7.09 Because you thought that you weren’t suited for it. (+5)
Because Someone recommended it to you.
Because you thought that it suited you.

7.12 Move his hand.
Turn away. (+5)
Puff out my cheeks.

Chapter 8: Happiness Acquired

8.04 Consult with the contractor.
Consult with Mizuki.
Consult with Shinya. (+5)

8.10 You’re so mean. (+5)
It can’t be helped if it’s my first time.
Please don’t laugh at me.

8.11  Special Scenario
? Affection Points  needed to pass - Get a CG!

8.13 I won’t go.
Are you jealous? (+5)
You’re a worrier, aren’t you?

Chapter 9: Two in Isolation

9.01 Engagement Strength Trial
13,000 Engagement Strength needed to pass

9.02 Wait silently. (+5)
Are you okay?
Did something happen?

9.06 I’m fine.
I’m lonely. (+5)
What do you think?

9.14 It’s because I can’t do anything.
It’s because I’d be a bother.
It’s because don’t want to be in his way. (+5)

Chapter 10: A Mutually Supportive Relationship

10.02 Have you been resting properly?
Don’t push yourself too hard.
Sorry for not being able to do anything. (+5)

10.06 Engagement Strength Trial
15,000 Engagement Strength needed to pass

10.07 Are you angry? (+5)
Am I a bother?
Should I leave?

10.12 It’s because you were able to convey your feelings. (+5)
I didn’t do anything.
 It’s because you worked hard.

Chapter 11: Now, A Happy Holiday

11.04 Avatar Trial
Premium Avatar: Rose-Embroidered 2-Pieces Dress (Charm 20+) – 300 Platinum
Normal Avatar: Rose-Embroidered Scarf With Blue Roses (Charm 10+) – 150 Platinum / 6,000 Love

11.04 Bocca della Veriti
Bocca della Verito
Bocca della Verità (+5)

11.10 Poseidon (+5)

11.12 Special Scenario
? Affection Points  needed to pass - Get a CG!

11.14 I’m sorry!
What should I do!?
I’ll get ready straight away! (+5)


Proposal End
Need 200 Affection Points
Need 2,000 Engagement Strength

True End
Need 160 Affection Points

Normal End
Need 40-160 Affection Points

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