22 October, 2017

Ikèmen Sengoku - How to Play

Hello Everyone!

On this page, I'll try to give you advices and explanations on how to play Ikèmen Sengoku.
Here's the general overview on what you can find on this page and where:
 If you have problems with the sound

Chapter Tickets

Newbie Set

This set is only available for a limted time, after you first start to play this game!


Tranfer Data

Your Room

1. The "Wikia" shows you the connections between the characters - if they are friends or foe (see more on the Main Page of the game.) You will also find a short comic below the charcter chart, which summarizes the Prologue. ^^

2. On the "Stats" Menu you can see various information about your game, like your Friend Code, your Grace (individual and total) and Beauty Points, your Coin and Gold and the amount of your friends. There are also links to the current login Bonus, as well as one that leads you to the pictures you got while reading.

3. In "Memories" you can find the pictures you got while reading.

4. Under "Castle Decoration", you'll find your castle and the items you got with the Gacha. The Gacha is free once a day and you can add and move around your furniture items under "Castle Decoration. 

5. If you tap on "Rankings" you can see the Daily Grace Ranking and the Daily Beauty Ranking. 

6. Under "Change Attire" you find you clothes/Avatar pieces you bought. It also shows you your current Beauty Points.

7.  If you tap on "Items", you'll get to the menu, where you can choose from differnt items to use them, if you need them.


  1. if I have chosen someone's route already, how can I read prologue again if I want to?

    1. I dont think you can. I’ve tried looking it up because I also wanted to re-read the prologue after I started another route but I dont think there is a way to yet.