18 October, 2017

Sleeping Delivery - How to Play?

How to earn Coins:
  • Log in daily -> gives you 300 Coins per day
  • Share CG's on Twitter, once you optain them (this option is only available right after you got the picture) -> 200 Coins per picture
  • Share your characters new clothes on Twitter, once you optain them (this option is only available right after you bought the clothes) -> 300 Coins per clothes set
  • Watch video-clip -> 300 Coins per clip/ 5 Clips per day available
  • Tapjoy -> You can earn a various amount of Coins depending on the tasks you can complete

1. This leads you to the Tapjoy page, which offers you certain task to get Coins for free.

2. This symbol shows you which day you have. The story starts from Day 1 and ends after Day 14.

3. This symbol opens your Membership Card, which shows your status. To be able to play all characters, you need a certain amount of Membership points, which you can earn throughout the story, by buying certain items. The order of the unlocked characters can be seen by clicking on symbol Nr. 9.

4. This opens the special Coin set menu:

5. This opens the special Animal Pajama Outfit Set menu:

6. By clicking on "Talk" you go back to reading the story. Be aware that you can't go back to listen to the lullabys and stories, after you read the Ending. You have to choose to read the character's story again, to enable that menu.

7. The "Sleep" button leads you to the lullabies and stories. Both of them cost 300 Coins each and give you 5 Membership Points.

8. The "Warmth" button leads you to the skinship menu. There you can be comforted by touching his hair or resting your head on his lap. Each point also gets a voiced comment. The farther you read in the story and the better your relationship with him gets, the more options you can unlock. The heart symbol on the left corner, will only be unlocked after you get the Happy Ending.

9. If you click on that heart button, you get to the "Like Points" Menu, where you can see your progress with your chosen character. To get the Happy Ending, you have to fill your chosen characters bar to 100% before you finish reading Day 14.

10. On this bar you can see the different outfits you'll need in this story. You can switch between them, once you unlocked them and he'll wear them during the story. All clothes you bought once, WON'T vanish after you finish a route, so you can have him wear the clothes even when you re-read the story. All clothes grant you <3 points and Membership Points. If you want to see a preview on how your character looks like with the clothes, you just need to keep the clothes icon pressed.


  1. Hi! I was wondering if there is a way to back up your progress in the app by linking a gmail account or by a code

  2. As far as I have seen, there is no such a possibility to back the app up. But your purchases should still be available on another device, if you log in to the same google play/app store account than the one, where you bought story items. In case you want to be sure about everything, jus send an email to the developers of the game: daynumber707@gmail.com
    Hope this helps ^^