22 October, 2017

[Walkthrough] Arabian Night Love Story - Ali Baba

(Note: This game is currently down. I nevertheless posted this Walkthrough in hope, that Okko someday will make the game availble/playable again.)

Main Story

Chapter 1: Chased Man

1.03 Cover your face (+5)
Freak out

1.06 Must've been heavy for you...
Thank you very much. (+5)
Why is this happening to me...?

1.07 Romantic Route 
Affection 10+ needed

1.12 Is your wish really so impossible? (+5)
Isn't there some way I can change your mind?
This is all your fault, you know.

Chapter 2: The Forty Thieves

2.02 Ask for help
Watch in silence (+5)

2.11 Say something
Hug him back (+5)
Push him away

2.12 Special Story
Affection 25+ needed -> get a CG

2.13 Is it because I'm the spirit of the lamp?
I was really scared...
Thank you so much. (+5)

Chapter 3: Feeling Nonchalant

3.03 He's kind of like a caretaker too.
He's really thoughtful. (+5)
He's kind of meddlesome.

3.08 Thank you again. (+5)
I can't accept this.
You must be used to it by now.

3.14 You two really are a lot alike.
Why can't you two get along better? (+5)
Why do you two hate each other so much?

Chapter 4: Special Guidance

4.05 I'm willing to accept the consequences.
But Ameen would be so upset. (+5)
I don't really want to stop going, though.

4.09 Go with Ali Baba (+5)
Go with Sinbad
Go with Sadiq

4.11 Special Story
Affection 50+ needed

4.15 Ignore them and go clean
Call out to them
Sneak a peek (+5)

Chapter 5: Reliance

5.04 Don't move
Say something (+5)

5.06 Okay, I'll do it. (+5)
Are you making fun of me.
You're a big boy, feed yourself.
5.07 Special Story
Affection 75+ needed -> get a CG

5.13 Assad
Ali Baba (+5)

Chapter 6: Balance Collapsed

6.02 Don't resist
Shake it off

6.08 I'm sure Ali Baba would be angry if he knew
I wish Ali Baba were here (+5)
I feel so helpless

6.14 Special Story
Affection 90+ needed

6.15 Were you there to talk to the Sultan? (+5)
Were you there to get me?
Were you there to kill the Sultan?

Chapter 7: A Sad Past

7.04 ...were speechless. (+5)
...were pretty scared.
...were really happy.

7.10 I don't believe it.
You're too kind.
You're too good-natured. (+5)

7.12 Special Story
Affection 105+ needed
7.14 I'm working right now.
Okay, sure. (+5)
Only if I have permission.

Chapter 8: Distorted Thoughts

8.02 Are you jealous?
That's not true.
You're acting weird. (+5)

8.07 That makes me jealous.
I don't understand.
I still have to stop him. (+5)

8.08 Special Story
Affection 120+ needed -> get a CG

8.15 He hates the royal family.
He's worried about me.
If I become too involved in the palace, it'll be trouble for him. (+5)

Chapter 9: A Wish I Wanted to Come True

9.03 Make something up
Say nothing (+5)
Tell them

9.08 I was going to fight them too. (+5)
But you saved me.
I'm sorry.

9.13 I'm sure everyone feels the same way.
Can't we just leave things as they are?
There's nothing you can do. (+5)

Chapter 10: The Real Wish

10.03 Special Story
Affection 140+ needed -> get a CG

10.04 Let's think about this together.
Please don't go!
Are you still hiding something from me? (+5)

10.10 Running away? (+5)
The way you are now, you're too weak to do this.
Please listen to what I have to say.

10.13 There's nothing you can do.
Listen to me!
You're wrong. (+5)

Chapter 11: True Meaning of Darkness

11.05 Don't underestimate me.
I'm fine.
I won't run away. (+5)

11.10 Maybe it's just a coincidence?
It's not your fault! (+5)
Get a hold of yourself!
11.14 Special Story
Affection 165+ needed

11.15 What are you waiting for? (+5)
Kill me!
Save me!


Romantic End
Needs 150+ Affection

Pure End
If you couldn't get 150 Affection

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