22 October, 2017

[Walkthrough] Arabian Nights Love Story - Sindbad

(Note: This game is currently down. I nevertheless posted this Walkthrough in hope, that Okko someday will make the game availble/playable again.)

Main Story

Chapter 1: Help also Depends on Reward

1.02 I called out
I ran away
I grabbed the man standing in front of me (+5)

1.09 Try and convince them (+5)
Stay silent
Say that this must be a dream

1.11 (But I have to stop him...!) (+5)
(I guess there's nothing I can do)
(W-what should I do...?)

Chapter 2:

2.0? It's no use...!
(I'll watch and see what happens...)
(It's too dangerous!) (+5)
2.03 Special Story
Affection 20+ needed  -> get a CG
2.07 Don't joke like that (+5)
Why will he lose his mind?
Well then, I think I will tell him.

2.15  ... you look scary.
Do you know him? (+5)
Is something bothering you?

Chapter 3: Strange Fear
3.02 Special Story
Affection 30+ needed

3.04 Don't laugh at me!
Yeah... I guess I do.
I'm embarrassed. (+5)

3.10 Say nothing
Call out to Sindbad
Grab Sinbad's arm (+5)

3.14 I was just as scared as I usually am.
(What should I say?)
I don't know.  (+5)

Chapter 4: Meeting again, and...

4.04 Should I start from beginning? (+5)
It's only kids story.
 I'm kinda embarrassed.
4.05 Special Story
Affection 50+ needed  -> get a CG

4.10 I glanced back and forth between both of them
I ran to Sinbad (+5)
I look up at Aladdin

4.15 Is it because of the money?
I want to hear it from you. (+5)
Please, I'm begging you!

Chapter 5: The Genie's Mystery

5.04 Do you mind?
Don't be silly.
Are you joking? (+5)

5.06 Special Story
Affection 65+ needed

5.07 Placate Hardy (+5)
Pretend it was my idea
Wait to see what happens

5.14 He might be looking for me. (+5)
That's right.
No, we didn't...

Chapter 6: The One Who Know the Beginning

6.05 It's okay. (+5)
I'm sorry.

6.08 Special Story
Affection 80+ needed

6.09 Sigh
See him off (+5)
Run after him

6.15 (Is Sinbad safe?) (+5)
(What's going to happen...?)
(That's terrible...)

Chapter 7: The Lamp's Essence

7.04 I wonder if I'll be interrogated too.
We've got to get out of here, fast.
Are you hurt...? (+5)

7.06 Special Story
Affection 95+ needed

7.09 You should come with us, Assad. (+5)
Can we really break out of jail?
Sinbad, let's go!

7.14 (I'll wait until he's ready to continue talking.)
Should we take a break? (+5)
So then what...?

Chapter 8: Wish of Youth and Her Thoughts

8.04 You did all that just because of a rumor?
You planned to stay in this kingdom from the beginning?
That's why you became friends with Assad and everyone too? (+5)

8.07 Do you mean Aladdin being here? (+5)
That isn't like you.
Do your injuries hurt?

8.08 Special Story
Affection 115+ needed  -> get a CG

8.11 Don't be too hard on yourself.
Please, let me help you from now on. (+5)
It's true...

Chapter 9: Make a Choice

9.05 Watch him
Touch his face (+5)
Look away

9.10 Why...did you pretend not to know...?
Did you know from the beginning?
There must be a reason you never said anything, right? (+5)

9.11 Special Story
Affection 130+ needed

9.13 Of course that's a lie, right? (+5)
Doing something like that...
Why would he say that?

Chapter 10: Confronting

10.01 I'm fine...
Help me... (+5)
Don't worry about me.

10.10 If it's just my imagination... (+5)
But something doesn't add up.
That's true.

10.12 Why are you telling me this?
It's kind of amazing.
I'm kind of happy. (+5)

Chapter 11: Buffoonery and Secret Maneuvers

11.05 (What should I do?)
(I can't...do this.) (+5)
(Is there nothing I can do?)

11.07 Special Story
Affection 155+ needed  -> get a CG

11.10 Help me! (+5)
I'm okay.

11.14 Give up
Try to get away (+5)


Romantic End
Needs 150+ Affection

Pure End
If you couldn't get 150 Affection

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