22 October, 2017

[Walkthrough] Bidding for Love - Mitsurugi Kyo

(Note: This game is currently down. I nevertheless posted this Walkthrough in hope, that Arithmetic someday will make the game availble/playable again.)

Main Story

Chapter 1: It Began with 600 Million
 1.02 Why me?
How would I pay for it? (+5)
1.09 Special Scenario
+5 Affection needed -> Get CG!
1.10 You're mistaken!
Glare at him. (+5)
1.19 I can't do this!
How can I prove anything?
I can do this. (+5)

Chapter 2: A Successful Escape?
2.02 What if I refuse?
I don't want to go.
I understand. (+5)
2.06 Continue to stare
Ignore him
Wake him up (+5)
2.08 No!
I didn't see anything!
I'm fascinated. (+5)

Chapter 3: Party Filled with Danger
3.02 First of all, greetings. (+5)
Have we met before?
It's been a long time.
3.04 Avoid him (+5)
Brace yourself
It might be better to not tell him...
3.10 But... (+5)
How mean to call me heavy!
 It might be better not to tell him...
3.17 You're not going? (+5)
Is something wrong?
Shall we hurry up and go?
3.22 Special Scenario
+50 Affection needed -> Get CG!

Chapter 4: A Luscious Secretary / Bodyguard
4.05 If...
Please stop!
I just wanted to take a bath. (+5)
4.12 Sit still
Get up
Watch his sleeping face. (+5)
4.22 Jerk
You have great self-confidence. (+5)

Chapter 5: Secret Job
5.01 Answer the phone without permission (+5)
 Should I answer it?
 Leave it to me!
5.08 N... No way!
Maybe I do... (+5)
Ignore him
5.16 I know that!
Of course not! (+5)
 If that is your request.
5.26 I'm afraid!
Let's talk with them. (+5)
I'll take care of this...!

Chapter 6: Women or Possession
6.05 It's strange. (+5)
I wonder what happened.
 I get angry
6.06 Special Scenario
+95 Affection needed 
6.09 So beautiful... (+5)
I didn't know you could smile like that.
Is he planning something?
6.21 Special Scenario
+100 Affection needed -> Get CG! 
6.24 Good morning.
 Where did you go?
I was worried about you! (+5)
Chapter 7: The Aquarium Fish and Him and Me
7.05 I guessed. (+5)
I know enough about you to figured that out.
 It was obvious.
7.11 Pet!
 I'm not a dog!
That's a cruel thing to say. (+5)
7.17 OK, I will. (+5)
Are you having fun?
Please, help me decide.

Chapter 8: During Busy Days
8.01 Special Scenario
+120 Affection needed
8.05 I'm free right now.
Is there something I can help? (+5)
 There's something I want to ask you.
8.09 I'll be lonely. (+5)
Of course not.
I'm uneasy.
8.14 We have to evacuate!
 We have to put out the fire!
I have to inform Kyo! (+5)

Chapter 9: A Close Shave
9.01 I'm sorry.
 Help me!
..... (+5)
9.05 Don't die!
I'll save you! (+5)
 Don't say such idiotic things...
9.06 Special Scenario
+145 Affection needed -> Get CG!
9.09 Please calm down.
 Who are you? (+5)
Are you okay?
9.16 Special Scenario
+150 Affection needed
9.17 I... I'm sorry!
I'm so glad you're OK! (+5)
Good morning.

Chapter 10: Mitsurugi's House
10.03 I look around the room
Why is this happening to me?
I wait for someone to come (+5)
10.11 Thank you. (+5)
You went too far with Mr. Kuroki.
How did you find me?
10.20 It's a little scary.
 Hurry and let's get this over with.
My heart is pounding...  (+5)

Chapter 11: The Unraveling Truth
11.07 I'm so happy!
This is'nt a dream, is it? (+5)
 Please, let me think about it...
11.09 Nothing.
 I'm worried about you.
I just wanted to look at your face... (+5)
11.18 Hurry home.
 See you at home.
I'd like to stay with you a little longer. (+5)
11.20 I'm going to marry him
What is it? (+5)
 I would like to.
11.22 It doesn't matter, does it?
 I went for a walk.
I took some time to go shopping. (+5)
11.23 Special Scenario
+195 Affection needed


Happy Ending:
+170 Affection Points

Normal Ending:
If you couldn't get the Happy Ending

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