22 October, 2017

[Walkthrough] Bidding for Love - Takato Iriya

(Note: This game is currently down. I nevertheless posted this Walkthrough in hope, that Arithmetic someday will make the game availble/playable again.)

Main Story

Chapter 1: The Winning Bid is 600 Million
1.05 Are you alright?
I'm very sorry! (+5)
I was in a rush...
1.16 No, I didn't!
I'm very angry! (+5)
 You forced me...
1.18 Special Scenario
+10 Affection needed -> Get CG!
1.19 I do trust them.
 Please, let me check with them.
I trust them more than I trust you. (+5)

Chapter 2: Kindness and Irrationality
2.04 Isn't there another way?
I'll do anything, but please let me go home. (+5)
 Why did you pick me?
2.07 You're kidding, right?
 Are you saying that you want me on your knees?
 ... (+5)
2.11 Are you serious?
 Please, stop kidding around!
You're saying that you love me? (+5)

Chapter 3: Night on a Luxury Liner
3.04 That's not it...
Don't be so nonchalant!
(I'm doing what he asks.) (+5)
3.07 I'm staying here.
 I don't want to cause you any trouble.
Thank you. (+5)
3.14 I'm fine.
Thank you.  (+5)
 Why don't we both use it?
3.15 Special Scenario
+45 Affection needed -> Get CG!

Chapter 4: Distant Memories
4.03 I start to talk about the auction.
I don't talk about the auction. (+5)
4.05 No, I'm not!
Maybe I am... (+5)
 Please, don't make fun of me!
4.18 Are you alive?
What are you doing on the floor? (+5)
 Are you okay?
4.24 Of course not!
We're not married.
Actually... (+5)

Chapter 5: Approaching Danger
5.06 There's no way he went out, is there?
 I'm going to look for him.
I'm sure he'll be back soon. (+5)
5.12 Yes! (+5)
(What should I  do?)
5.14 I'm sure I'm mistaken
Maybe... (+5)
 Is it okay?
5.17 Really? (+5)
Somehow that's not a surprise.
 You're kidding!

Chapter 6: The Engraved Seal of the King
6.05 Special Scenario
+85 Affection needed -> Get CG!
6.06 Don't try to brush me off.
Are you making fun of me?
You're so strange. (+5)
6.07 Special Scenario
+90 Affection needed
6.13 No. (+5)
Thank goodness!
I won't leave.
6.15 Shall we go together? (+5)
Are you jealous?
I'm not going to tell you.

Chapter 7: His Decision and the Fate of the Land
7.04 Rich people! (+5)
That was a waste of money.
 Why did you buy it?
7.07 No!
 That's crazy!
I understand. (+5)
7.15 What?
 Please, don't leave me behind!
Are you alright? (+5)

Chapter 8: He Who is Not of this World
8.04 I'm not jealous.
Yes. (+5)
 It's not that...
8.09 Yes, I am. (+5)
I'm looking forward to it.
I'm fine.
8.14 It'll be okay.
 Don't let it get to you.
This isn't like you. (+5)

Chapter 9: Twilight of the Successor
9.03 You know nothing about him! (+5)
You went too far!
9.04 Special Scenario
+135 Affection needed -> Get CG!
9.06 Special Scenario
+135 Affection needed
9.12 That's good.
 Don't go!
Maybe you should go. (+5)
9.15 I don't need money. (+5)
Is this all you've got?
 Please, don't insult me!

Chapter 10: Spreading Poison
10.02 I want it... (+5)
 It looks expensive, so we should get something else.
I don't need it.
10.04 Help me! (+5)
Grab his clothes silently
Don't leave!
10.12 I can't be your legal wife, can I?
The minister's daughter is in love with you.
Nevermind, it's okay. (+5)

Chapter 11: The Prince's Decision
11.04 He doesn't need me. (+5)
He's tired of me.
I'm not his girlfriend anymore.
11.11 I'm okay. (+5)
You shouldn't have come.
11.15 Don't believe him!
I can't live without you. (+5)
I have always loved you!


Happy Ending:
+170 Affection Points

Normal Ending:
If you couldn't get the Happy Ending

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