19 October, 2017

[Walkthrough] Decoding Desire - Kento Orihama

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for the CG's!)

Main Story

Chapter 1: Fabricated Love

1.02 Little by little.
I can't say anything yet. (+5)
That's not it at all!

1.08 Bringing gifts would be nice.
She seems wonderful.
Do you like cookies? (+5)

1.14 You don't really seem happy.
You always seem so lonely. (+5)
It's weird to set a time limit.

Chapter 2

2.02 Why do you think that?
I think you're wrong. (+5)
I can't say you're wrong.

2.03 Special Scenario
Requires 20+ Affection

2.08 I'll do my best again!
I'll make friends with him all over again .(+5)
I'm sure it will be alrigh.t

2.12 Slightly.
What do you think? (+5)
It still has a long way to go.

2.12 Elegance Check
Requires ?  Love Experience

Chapter 3: An Irresistible Urge

3.04 There were circumstaces...
It might be better not to say. (+5)
Because Mr. Orihama asked me to.

3.06 Avatar Trial
Premium: Dress (Charm 100) - 400 Platinum
Normal: Jacket (Charm 75) - 300 Platinum or 2,000 Gold

3.07 It's a trial outing you know.!
Let's seriously enjoy this (+5)
Forget about work.

3.11 Mr. Orihama are you an android too?
I didn't think you were that kind of person.
No, thank you! (+5)

3.13 Special Scenario
Requires 45 Affection

Chapter 4: An Experimental Kiss

4.02 Nothing, serious.
Mr. Orihama aren't you...? (+5)
Don't worry about it.

4.06 During dates.
What do you use it for?
Do you have to go that far? (+5)

4.11 Special Scenario
Requires 55 Affection

Chapter 5: A Broken Heart

5.05 Don't apologize.
Me neither. (+5)
You don't have to say it like that.

5.10 Then please act like normal. (+5)
I'm your business partner you know.
That's not true!

5.15 May I come closer? (+5)
Are you alright?
What happened?

Chapter 6: If It's That You Want

6.05 Avatar Trial
Premium: Pink Beige Dress (Charm +100) - 400 Platinum
Normal: Silver Bijoux High Heel Shoes (Charm +30) - 150 Platinum or 4,000 Gold

6.08 What is it all of a sudden?
That's a good question.
No, it isn't. (+5)

6.13 What do you think?
I can tell by looking. (+5)
It's a hunch.

Chapter 7: You're My Happiness

7.02 It wasn't me!
Aren't you hungry? (+5)
You're hearing things...

7.10 That's mean! (+5)
I was surprised.
What were you planning to do?

7.11 Avatar Trial
Premium: Long Curly Princess Hair (Charm +75) - 300 Platinum
Normal: Pale Tone Rose & Pearl Headpiece (Charm +50) - 200 Platinum or 6,000 Gold

7.14 They're going well but...
About Mr. Orihama: I'm a bit... (+5)
There's no problem.

Chapter 8: Stay By My Side

8.02 No!
Stop it! (+5)

8.09 You saved us.
Thank you!
That made me happy. (+5)

8.14 Leave it to Mr. Orihime (+5)
Speak for myself

Chapter 9: You're All Mine

9.04 What do you want to do ?
That's mean! (+5)
Don't ask me!

9.05 Special Scenario
Requires 125 Affection

9.08 You haven't had enough yet? (+5)
I'm cooking.
No, it's dangerous.

9.12 That's a little surprising.
That's healthy.
Perhaps I should start. (+5)

9.12 Avatar Trial
Premium: Marine Skirt (Charm +60) - 250 Platinum
Normal: Loose Socks & Sneakers (Charm +30) - 150 Platinum or 8,000 Gold

9.14 Special Scenario
Requires 135 Affection

Chapter 10: The Porcupine's Dilemma

10.04 What do you want me to do? (+5)
This is no time for this.
You seem fine, Kento.

10.09 They aren't over.
Please, hear me out...
I've come to ask the truth. (+5)

10.11 I want to tell Adam.
You've changed... (+5)
I'm happy.

10.12 Special Scenario
Requires 150 Affection

Chapter 11: Here On Out With You

11.02 It's a difficult question.
Because people aren't perfect. (+5)
Because people can't trust each other.

11.06 I have only one answer. (+5)
I'll do it with you.
You can't do it alone, Kento.

11.06 Avatar Trial
Premium: Wink Rose Makeup (Charm +75) - 300 Platinum
Normal: Gold Bubble Necklace (Charm +30) - 150 Platinum or 10,000 Gold

11.12 Shake him off
Do nothing
Squeeze back (+5)

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