19 October, 2017

[Walkthrough] Decoding Desire - Takamasa Isumi

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for the CG's!)

Main Story

Chapter 1: A Program & A Heart

1.02 Is there anything I can help with?
I'd like to observe. (+5)
I'll come back later.

1.06 Special Scenario
Requires 10+ Affection

1.08 I'm sorry. (+5)
Defective Of course not.
I'm good.

1.13 I'm speechless...
That's just rude. (+5)
That's pretty mean.

Chapter 2: The Mind Of An Android, With The Heart Of A Human

2.01 Special Scenario
Requires 15+ Affection

2.04 It's not as bad as you think.
Is that how it looks?
Yes. (+5)

2.06 Are you angry?
I'm sorry. (+5)
A slip of the tongue.

2.12 I'm actually glad. (+5)
Is it really ok?
I'm quite surprised

Chapter 3: With Brusqueness Lies Gentleness

3.01 They're not alike at all.
He has a younger sister?
She's such a cute sister. (+5)

3.06 Special Scenario
Requires +35 Affection

3.06 Avatar Trial
Premium: (Charm +65) - 250 Platinum
Normal: (Charm +25) - 100 Platinum or 2,000 Gold

3.14 I try to think of an excuse.
He's misunderstood things.
I'll explain why. (+5)

Chapter 4: A Heart That's Started To Tilt

4.04 Avatar Trial
Premium: Beautiful Japanese Garden View From The Training Hall (Charm +120) - 450 Platinum
Normal: Chic Gold Japanese Style Handbag (Charm +50) - 200 Platinum or 4,000 Gold

4.05 I'm going to him
I call out
I'll just watch how things go (+5)

4.09 It's all thanks to Mr. Isumi.
I'm glad I was able to be of some help. (+5)
I didn't think of specialized topics are costly.

4.13 You have to value things.
Those are valuable. (+5)
Books of specialized topics are costly.

Chapter 5: Feelings That Have Flourished

5.03 Special Scenario
Requires +60 Affection

5.04 Am I cursed or what?
Please don't say that!
Oh, it's really... (+5)

5.10 Think whatever you like.
I stay quiet (+5)
I object

5.14 Thank you.
You're concerned about me? (+5)
I can handle this much.

Chapter 6: A Step Taken Forth, A Step Rushed Forth

6.04 A barrette with a big bow
A barrette with shiny beads
A barrette subtly studded with pearls (+5)

6.05 Special Scenario
Requires +80 Affection

6.08 It's his dependability.
His kindness. (+5)
He's cool.

6.12 I check out the situation
I exit the room quietly (+5)
I call out to him

6.13 Avatar Trial
Premium: Colorful Flowers of Ikebana Art (Charm +60) - 250 Platinum
Normal: One-Stemmed Lily Flower (Charm +30) - 100 Platinum or 6,000 Gold

Chapter 7: A Confession By Mechanical

7.02 Just improvice.
We're not fighting
Stay quiet (+5)

7.07 I won't deny it.
Adam is right. (+5)
Take a guess.

7.12 I want to know. (+5)
Don't put me off like that!

7.13 Special Scenario
Requires +105 Affection

7.15 Avatar Trial
Premium: Light Beige-colored Hair Up Style (Charm +75) - 300 Platinum
Normal: Mixed Smokey Pink Ribbon Bijoux Earrings (Charm +50) - 200 Platinum or 8,000 Gold

Chapter 8: Connected Thoughts, Bound Hearts

8.03 I stay still (+5)
I kiss his cheek
I stroke his head

8.09 I won't call out to him
Wait until he calls out
I call out (+5)

8.13 Checkpoint
6,000+ Love experience

8.15 I ask Mr. Isumi.
Okay, let's go! (+5)
Politely turn it down

Chapter 9: The Gears That Have Begun To Move

9.04 What are you doing?
We're working. (+5)
Remain calm

9.06 Are you tired? (+5)
What's wrong?
Did something happen recently?

9.07 Special Scenario
Requires +1300 Affection

9.12 I grab his hand (+5)
Touch his cheek
Embrace him

Chapter 10: A Hidden Message

10.03 How're you feeling?
Should you be up? (+5)
You're looking better.

10.07 I push him away
I stay still
I move away (+5)

10.11 Special Scenario
Requires +145 Affection

10.14 He didn't have to apologize.
He's selfish. (+5)
I wish he talked to me.

Chaper 11: Only One Thing In Mind

11.05 I won't ask (+5)
I'll ask
I'll pretend I didn't hear

11.08 Do as I tell you!
Prepare to get scolded! (+5)
Don't be reckless!

11.09 Avatar Trial
Premium: Japanese Fans & Peony-Patterened Kimono (Charm +100) - 400 Platinum
Normal: Gold-Colored Strap Geta Slippers (Charm +30) - 150 Platinum or 10,000 Gold

11.13 Give Mr. Isumi a kiss
Embrace Mr. Isumi (+5)
Yell at Mr. Isumi

11.10 Special Scenario
Requires +165 Affection

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