22 October, 2017

[Walkthrough] Starstruck Love - Ryo Jonouchi vs. Ryusei Akesato

(Note: This game is currently down. I nevertheless posted this Walkthrough in hope, that Arithmetic someday will make the game availble/playable again.)
(*Note: This story starts with a Shared Route, were you can earn Love Points for either character. However, at a certain point the story will branch, depending on who got more points. So try to stick with one character right from the beginning to earn enough Love Points and to get the Ending you want. If there are no Love Points for him available, try to not raise the other guys Love Points (choose +0 answers)

Shared Route

Chapter 1: Beware of Approaching Pop-Stars

1.02 Ryusei, I'm sorry. (+5 Ryusei)
H-hey, wait a minute!
Okay, let's go. (+5 Ryo)

1.09 (My heart is pounding.) (+5 Ryo)
(That tickles.) (+0 Ryusei)
(I shouldn't let myself get excited...!)

1.12 I'll be fine. (+0 Ryo)
Thank you. (+5 Ryusei)
If I ever need help, I'll come talk to you.

1.14 (Now that's going to be on my mind.) (+5 chic)
(I wonder how Ryusei feels about that?)
(She was only saying that to curb me.)

Chapter 2: Pop Stardom Begins

2.02 ... (+0 Ryusei)
I'm okay.
Thank you. (+5 Ryo)

2.06 I'm too embarrassed to speak.
I ask him for advice about getting work. (+5 Ryusei)
I change the subject.  (+0 Ryo)

2.09 Say nothing. (+5 chic)
Please, stay back.
Aren't you a little close?

2.11 Love Route
Needs 15+ Affection ->Ryo
Love Route
Needs 15+ Affection -> Ryusei

2.13 You don't need to worry that much for me. (+5 Ryo)
I'm okay.
Thank you. (+5 Ryusei)
Chapter 3: First Date

3.02 Thank him normally. (+0 Ryo)
Thank him bashfully. (+5 Ryusei)
Thank him with a smile.

3.04 As a matter of fact, yes. (+5 Ryo)
Aren't you just imagining things? (+5 Ryusei)

3.05 Love Route
Needs 25+ Affection -> Ryo

3.09 Love Route
Needs 30+ Affection -> Ryusei

3.14 What are you doing?
What's wrong? (+5 chic)
What are you doing here?

3.15 That's none of your business. (+0 Ryusei)
Why are you asking?
Well, I... (+5 Ryo)

Chapter 4: Secret Anguish

4.01 Look away. (+0 Ryusei)
Stare at him. (+5 Ryo)
Close your eyes.

4.02 Love Route
Needs 30+ Affection -> Ryo

4.04 Don't laugh at me.
You're horrible! (+5 chic)
What did I do?

4.05 Love Route
Needs 35+ Affection ->Ryo -> Get a CG!

4.08 Don't worry, I have them memorized.
Since my scenes are with you, I'll be fine... (+5 Ryusei)
Looks like I have some studying to do. (+0 Ryo)

4.13 So even you make mistakes, Ryusei. (+5 Ryo)
Are you okay?
It was probably just a fluke. (+5 Ryusei)

4.14 Love Route
Needs 40+ Affection ->Ryusei

Chapter 5: More than Friends, Not Quite a Couple

5.03 Everything's fine! (+0 Ryo)
Well, sometimes I have problems... (+5 Ryusei)
I'm okay for now.

5.05 Love Route
Needs 45+ Affection -> Ryusei

5.08 But...
(I don't... like this.)
I don't like this. (+5 chic)

5.12 Love Route
Needs 40+ Affection -> Ryo

5.14 It's not that I hate you... (+5 Ryo)
I'm mad at you. (+0 Ryusei)
What if I do?

5.15 (Is this true?) (+5 Ryo)
(I'm so happy...) (+5 Ryusei)
(Thanks, Father)

Chapter 6: A Need to Possess

6.02 That's up to you, Ryo.
I want you to be nice to me. (+5 Ryo)
I can't smile for you. (+0 Ryusei)

6.03 Love Route
Needs 50+ Affection -> Ryo
Love Route
Needs 50+ Affection -> Ryusei

6.05 Please, look at me. (+5 Ryusei)
Please, say something.
(Does he hate me now?) (+0 Ryo)

6.08 (I feel a little uneasy about this...)
I'm honored.
I'm really glad, too! (+5 chic)

6.11 (Was it Ryo himself?) (+5 Ryusei)
(Maybe Ryusei?) (+5 Ryo)
(Did the Paparazzi see us!?)

Chapter 7: Temptation, Drama, Action!

7.01 (I'm a bit flattered...) (+5 chic)
(I'm a bit scared.)

7.03 (Is he doing this for me?)
(Is he coming to my rescue?) (+5 Ryo)
(I had no idea he could be like this...) (+0 Ryusei)

7.07 Love Route
Needs 60+ Affection -> Ryo
Love Route
Needs 60+ Affection -> Ryusei

7.09 I'd love to go to dinner with you... But, (+5 Ryusei)
I appreciate the offer, but...
I'm sorry, I can't. (+0 Ryo)

7.10 (Mr. Kujo said...)
(I wish there were something I could do) (+5 Ryusei)
(What should I do...) (+5 Ryo)

Chapter 8: Confession, and then...

8.01 Love Route
Needs 75+ Affection -> Ryusei -> Get a CG

8.03 Not really... (+0 Ryusei)
Of course not. (+5 Ryo)
You're being too self-conscious.

8.08 (He'd do that much for me...) (+5 chic)
(I'm glad he came to my rescue but...)
(I'm scared...)

8.12 I don't know... (+5 Ryo)
It doesn't concern you, Ryo. (+5 Ryusei)
(Ryo might be lying.)

8.13 Yes, I'm fine! (+0 Ryo)
Oh... Well, actually, (+5 Ryusei)
(I don't want to worry him...)

8.14 (I just can't be more than friends...) -> Go to Ryo's Route
(I love Ryusei.) -> Go to Ryusei's Route


Ryo's Route

Chapter 9: How much Hidden, How much Shown

9.01 You overheard!?
I don't want a reward.
That's not what I was trying to do... (+5 Ryo)

9.07 (What should I do...?)
(I'm so drawn to him.) (+5 Ryo)
(I can't...)

9.11 Love Route
Needs 90+ Affection -> Ryo

9.13 (It's over now.) (+5 chic)
(It was horrible...)
(If only I could have just been patient.)

9.14 (I was nervous, but...) (+5 Ryo)
It was nothing.
It was just a kiss...

Chapter 10: Warm, Comforting Lips

10.03 For real?
Thank you. (+5 Ryo)
Why do you know that?

10.05 Please stop...
I don't like this.
(Why is he being so kind?) (+5 Ryo)

10.9 Love Route
Needs 105+ Affection -> Ryo -> Get a CG

10.12 (He seems different from usual...) (+5 Ryo)
(There's the Ryo I know.)
(What happened to the Ryo from earlier?)

10.14 (I hate this...)
(It's all my fault.) (+5 chic)
(I wonder if it's my fault...)

Chapter 11: Despair turn to Hope

11.06 How can you talk like that?
(I'm not backing down.) (+5 Ryo)
Is that all you have to say?

11.10 Please leave.
Why are you here?
(He seems different this time.) (+5 Ryo)

11.11 Love Route
Needs 120+ Affection -> Ryo

11.11 You're right, but...
You may have a point, but... (+5 Ryo)
But, you are my brother.

11.15 (Who is he?) (+5 chic)
(He's scaring me...)
(Is he my fan...?)


Deep Love End
Needs 125 + Affection Points

Crazed Love End
Needs 55 + Chic - Points

Extreme Love End
If you couldn't get either Ending

Ryusei's Route

Chapter 9: A Time of Happiness

9.02 Love Route
Needs 85+ Affection -> Ryusei

9.04 (Will he kiss me on the lips again...?)
(Maybe my forehead this time...?)
(Anywhere Kazuki kisses me is sure to be wonderful...)  (+5 Ryusei)

9.08 But I don't think I can...
If you say so.
You're right! (+5 Ryusei)

9.11 (Just for a bit...)
(I can't do this...!) (+5 Ryusei)
(What should I do...?)

9.14 Don't worry, I'm yours. (+5 chic)
You don't need to worry.
I can understand why you're worried.

Chapter 10: The Reason for Suffering

10.03 (What's wrong with him?)
(Probably my imagination.)
Kazuki, what's wrong? (+5 Ryusei)

10.05 (Stop...!)
(Wh-what should I do?)
(Kazuki can do whatever he pleases to me...) (+5 chic)

10.07 Love Route
Needs 100+ Affection -> Ryusei

10.08 I'm okay with anything... as long as it's with you.  (+5 Ryusei)
P-please give me some more time...
(I can't tell him that.)

10.11 Tell him the truth. (+5 Ryusei)
Too scared to answer.
Tell him you saw nothing.

Chapter 11: The True Starting Line

11.02 Are you okay...?
... (+5 Ryusei)

Pat his back.
Hug him back. (+5 Ryusei)
Do nothing.

11.08 Love Route
Needs 120+ Affection -> Ryusei -> Get a CG!

11.10 (He must be worried.)
(I wonder what's wrong?)
(What horrible timing...) (+5 chic)

11.13 Hug him tightly.
Stop talking.
Continue to encourage him. (+5 Ryusei)


Deep Love End
Needs 125 + Affection Points

Crazed Love End
Needs 55 + Chic - Points

Extreme Love End
If you couldn't get either Ending

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