31 December, 2017

[Walkthrough] Arabian Night (Desert Heat Love) - Radwan

(Note: Special Thanks to Karin for the Walkthrough!
This game is currently down.)

Main Story

Chapter 1: The Maiden of Destiny

1.02 No, thank you.
That would be most kind. (+5)

1.12 What are you planning?
I don't trust you.
Really!? (+5)

1.15 How dare you!?
You wish!
Eek! (+5)

Chapter 2: The Yet Unknown

2.01 Please, do something!
I'm gonna run! (+5)
This is terrible!

2.05 Special Scenario
Needs +20 Affection

2.06 Oh... I see. (+5)
Turn around!
Don't look at me!

2.07 Stop this nonsense! (+5)
I don't want to talk to you any more.
It was super scary!

Chapter 3: Bird in a Cage

3.01 That's Lady... Su-hai-la, right?
You have the same blond hair! (+5)
Say nothing.

3.10 What are you talking about?
No way!
All right! (+5)

3.11 Special Scenario
Needs +40 Affection
3.12 Ah, thanks! (+5)
Such flattery.
I don't want to hear that now.

Chapter 4: Secret Shadow

4.02 All right. (+5)

4.05 I don't feel like it.
Are you sure you have time?
Let's do that. (+5)

4.12 What are you plotting?
I'd rather not.
What should I do? (+5)

Chapter 5: Gloomy Mother

5.02 No way I did that!
Oh, how embarrassing!
Oh, well. (+5)

5.08 How is she worried about me!?
You really think so? (+5)
I don't know.

5.11 Special Scenario
Needs +70 Affection

5.13 You're welcome.
Let's stay like this for a while. (+5)
I've got no choice...

Chapter 6: The Little Prince's Little Dream

6.03 In a way...
Absolutely not.
I'm having fun. (+5)

6.08  Do you love her? (+5)
You really think I'm just overthinking things?
Oh, never mind.

6.14 Special Scenario
Needs +80 Affection

6.15 Do you doubt it?
No way. (+5)
Of course.

Chapter 7: The Unreachable Place

7.08 N-n-nice weather, isn't it!
I am going to marry you! (+5)
Will you marry me?

7.09 But you're the one I love! (+5)
That may be true, but...
I have made up my mind.

7.15 No!
But- (+5)
Of course.

Chapter 8: Conspiracy of the Knight and the Maiden

8.04 Are you okay? (+5)
You should rest!
Go back to your room!

8.06 I envy Ashraf. (+5)
I envy Murshid.
I envy Radwan.

8.14 You're not a bad person.
Make Ashraf apologize. (+5)
Persuade Suhaila.

Chapter 9: False and True Love

9.05 Yes, indeed.
I'm just not sure.
It was not Lady Suhaila. (+5)

9.10 There's still hope. (+5)
It'll be fine.
It will all take care of itself.

9.13 Special Scenario
Needs +120 Affection

9.14 You should see her. (+5)
You shouldn't see her.
It's entirely up to you.

Chapter 10: Dark Thoughts

10.02 That's fine, go ahead. (+5)
Stay here.

10.08 I love him.
He means a lot to me.
I don't know. (+5)

10.13 Yes, I do. (+5)
I don't know.
I don't think that.

10.14 Special Scenario
Needs +150 Affection

Chapter 11: Sparks Scattered Everywhere

11.02 Kiss his cheek
Kiss his lips (+5)
Kiss his forehead

11.04 That is true.
She won't have her way. (+5)
Be quiet.

11.08 I won’t hesitate anymore.
I’m sorry.
I won’t perish! (+5)

Happy End 
(Need +160 Affection)

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