31 December, 2017

[Walkthrough] Arabian Night (Desert Heat Love) - Kamil

(Note: Special Thanks to Karin for the Walkthrough!
This game is currently down.)

Main Story

Chapter 1: Me? The Chosen Maiden?

1.05 I'm sorry!  (+5)
That's right.

1.09 Stop saying all these things so suddenly!
Please wait!  (+5)
I cannot choose.

1.14 Stop being so full of yourself.
How could you know?
You sound so arrogant.  (+5)

Chapter 2: Heading to the Red Hot Harem?

2.03 That's unreasonable
You must be joking
Quit it! (+5)

2.07 It's not that I've stopped...  (+5)
Don't get me wrong.
You're just imagining it.

2.15 No way...
They really are shaking!
Why?  (+5)

Chapter 3: Mother of the Second Prince

3.02 I'm not sad!  (+5)
Even though you're so late...
I should've gone out on my own.

3.05 Yes, I am.
I love them! (+5)
I work with them, you know.

3.08 Special Scenario
Needs +40 Affection

3.11 I understand.
I guess.
Yes...  (+5)

Chapter 4: The Thrill of a Slight Fever

4.04 Oh, I do!  (+5)
It's not that I don't want to.
Do you really want me to make you something?

4.07 Special Scenario & CG
Needs +50 Affection

4.10 I don't want you to see it.
It's not a big deal (+5)
It's a bit strange...

4.12 I'm not trying to tempt you.
N-nonsense...  (+5)

Chapter 5: Besides the Sleeping Prince

5.01 Yes.
Just about.
Kamil, only you will do...  (+5)

5.07 You're being unreasonable!
No way!
Wait a second!  (+5)

5.11 Special Scenario
Needs +70 Affection

5.15 Yes!
Sorry. (+5)
Can't do much about it now.

Chapter 6: Hurtful Lies

6.03 Nothing in particular.
I'm not angry! (+5)
It just seems that way.

6.09 You're not bad.
I know.
That's right.  (+5)

6.14 It's a misunderstanding!
What are you talking about? (+5)
You're wrong?

Chapter 7: The Truth of Loss

7.02 Special Scenario & CG
Needs +90 Affection

7.03 It wasn't me.
(Say nothing.) (+5)
It's the truth.

7.10 By accident!
I...  (+5)
I don't even know.

7.15 What do you mean?
It's nothing. (+5)
Nothing in particular.

Chapter 8: Touch of Skin and Hearts

8.01 I can't say!
Don't ask.
I want the same as you. (+5)

8.07 It's a secret. (+5)
I can't say.
Do you want to know?

8.14 It's bad.
Er... (+5)
It's fine.

Chapter 9: The Maiden's Return

9.05 It can't be helped.
If I meet them, I'll want to return.
I can still meet them later. (+5)

9.07 I am...
A little. (+5)
Not at all.

9.08 Special Scenario & CG
Needs +130 Affection

9.14 (Nod silently.)
Yes... (+5)

Chapter 10: A Test of Love

10.03 This isn't good. (+5)
What's good about any of this?

10.10 You joker.
Really? (+5)
In that case...

Chapter 11: Protector of the Maiden

11.03 Good question.
I don't know. (+5)
Since earlier!

11.10 It's all right! (+5)
Yes, but-
Stop it!

11.13 He didn't.
Kind of.
Don't worry. (+5)

11.15 Special Scenario & CG
Needs +160 Affection

Happy End 
(Need +160 Affection)

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