31 December, 2017

[Walkthrough] Arabian Night (Desert Heat Love) - Mubarak

(Note: Special Thanks to Karin for the Walkthrough!
This game is currently down.)

Main Story

Chapter 1: Chosen by the Jewel

1.05 Follow his invitation. (+5)
Decline his invitation.
Push him away.

1.09 Say thanks.
Take back your hand.
Don't follow. (+5)

1.13 I have touched it!
I haven't touched it!
I'm sorry. (+5)

Chapter 2: A Prison called the Royal Palace 
2.03 Special Scenario
Needs +15 Affection

2.06 Shout
Cry for help (+5)

2.11 Admire
Be shocked
Be grateful (+5)

2.14 I see.
That's not true! (+5)
I'm not going to choose anyone.

Chapter 3: Something Shapely

3.04 Keep asking (+5)
Give up
Follow Kamil

3.06 Special Scenario & CG
Needs +35 Affection

3.07 Stay silent.
Ask about going home.
Drink tea. (+5)

3.10 Refrain.
Agree. (+5)

3.13 Raise voice
Stay silent (+5)
Run away

Chapter 4: Words Hidden in Stone

4.04 Look around
Squeeze his hands (+5)
Shake his hand off

4.10 Let Mubarak put it on. (+5)
Put it on yourself.
Let Lloyd put it on.

Chapter 5: Inappropriate Party

5.01 Say you are surprised.
Say you are not surprised. (+5)
Don't say anything.

5.03 Special Scenario & CG
Needs +65 Affection

5.10 With me?
Refuse. (+5)
Dance with Mubarak again.

5.13 Tell the truth. (+5)
Agree with the minister's daughter.
Say nothing.

Chapter 6: Everyone's Affection

6.01 I'm sorry. (+5)
You're exaggerating!
I need to get out of here.

6.04 Special Scenario
Needs +80 Affection

6.07 Aren't you just tired?
Go back immediately.
Maybe you're just thinking of me. (+5)

6.14 Agree.
Refuse. (+5)
Say nothing.

Chapter 7: Mubarak's True Intention

7.06 Get up and leave.
Ask again.
Hug him. (+5)
7.08 Do as he says. (+5)
Go back to the room.
Run away.

7.12 Thanks. (+5)
Your suit is great, too.
Say nothing.

7.14 Special Scenario & CG
Needs +105 Affection

Chapter 8: For the Country

8.06 I wonder... (+5)
I'll go have a look.
Are you not worried?

8.11 Wait!
Can I really go? (+5)

8.14 Have you heard any rumors? (+5)
What should I do?

Chapter 9: Cold Aid

9.06 ...
Not at all! (+5)
I don't want to have this conversation.
9.09 You're so childish. (+5)
I'm not the only one who's busy.
Don't be so selfish.

9.13 Thank you!
Such flattery. (+5)
How do you know?

Chapter 10: The Stolen Jewel

10.03 I'm sorry.
Where were you? (+5)
Did I do something wrong?

10.08 Special Scenario & CG
Needs +140 Affection

10.08 I'm sorry. (+5)
It's nothing.
Nothing to do with you.

10.13 Special Scenario 
Needs +145 Affection

10.15 Did I say something wrong?
Did you really?
Say it again. (+5)

Chapter 11: Princely Determination

11.06 That is indeed my plan. (+5)
I haven't decided yet.
Give no answer.

11.08 I'm coming, too.
I will leave it to you.
What am I supposed to do? (+5)

11.11 You shouldn't suspect your friend. (+5)
I also think it's strange.
You're overthinking this.
Happy End 
(Need +160 Affection)

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