23 January, 2018

Love 365 - How to Play?

 ^This is the side icon bar you'll find after opening and starting the app

About the Monthly Access Pass

▼Save BIG & get more choices with the Monthly Access Pass!▼
・Subscription period: A full month after payment is made.
・Stories available for Pass Holders: Any three stories from the app.
・Monthly cost of subscription: $8.99 USD
※Subscriptions will automatically renew (and charge your account) every month until membership is cancelled on the App Store.

(1)Every month, read ANY 3 stories you like! (Get three Main Stories for the price of two!)
(2)Read the first three episodes of any story that contains six or more episodes
(3)Earn access to the V.I.P. Room

About the VIP Room
(Note: Special Thanks to Akio for the infos!)

The VIP Room is a place in the "Love 365" app, that you only get access to, by buying the Monthly Access Pass.
In the VIP Room, there are always new things to check out. There you could read through a Prologue of a game that might get released in the Future, or you get to read free Chapters. But mostly this is a place, where Voltage Ince asks for your feedback - whether that is about a game they consider to release, or about certain characters or other things concerning their games.
It also gives you an earlier notice about what stories will be released next and of course it's stuffed with funny remarks of the game characters.

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