09 January, 2018

[Walkthrough] Midnight Cinderella - Albert Burckhardt

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for this Walkthrough!)

Main Route

Part 1

1.03 I felt unable to say anything
I suppose you’re right. (Honey)
Do you have to say it like that? (Sugar)

1.07 I will keep working hard.
Were you worried about me? (Sugar)
Thanks. (Honey)

Part 2

2.02 Get a CG

2.03 Yes. (Honey)
What can I do?(Sugar)

2.07 Is it because of Albert? (Honey)
What? Really?
You are imagining things. (Sugar)

2.10 Royal Challenge
Premium: Crimson Red Halter Dress (Beauty 50+) - 300 Coins
Normal: Long Lavender Skirt (Beauty 20+) - 100 Coins or 3,500 Bells

Part 3

3.04 You what?
Well – I appreciate that. (Honey)
Wait – you yourself?  (Sugar)

3.08 I stare at him
Do you mean... (Sugar)
I laughed (Honey)

Part 4

4.03 I am not! (Honey)
So are you.
Do you want to know why? (Sugar)

4.06 Are you praising me?
Thank you very much. (Honey)
I have to keep working hard! (Sugar)

Part 5

5.02 I stared at his hand (Sugar)
I reached out hesitantly
I placed my hand in his (Honey)

5.05 Royal Challenge
Need 2,500 Grace pts

5.06 I was too startled to reply
It looks difficult, but... (Sugar)
Thank you. (Honey)

Part 6

6.05 I looked away (Honey)
I suppose so. (Sugar)
Why would you say that?

6.08 I watched in silence (Sugar)
I touched Albert’s arm
I spoke to Albert (Honey)

6.10 Royal Challenge
Premium: Light Brown Half Up Hair (Beauty 80+) - 400 Coins
Normal: Simple Chocolate Brown Ponytail (Beauty 25+) - 150 Coins or 5,000 Bells

Part 7

7.02 What are you going to do?
But... (Sugar)
Okay. (Honey)

7.08 Wysteria
How to stop the fighting? (Honey)
Stein (Sugar)

Part 8

8.0? Please, all of you!
Is this the end? (Sugar)
Albert? (Honey)

8.05 Royal Challenge
Premium: Cameo Handbag and Heels (Beauty 80+) - 400 Coins
Normal: Lacy Clutch and Stylish Heels (Beauty 25+) - 150 Coins or 5,000 Bells

8.07 You are so kind. (Honey)
You really like animals.
I never expected... (Sugar)

Part 9

9.04 I am almost jealous. (Honey)
Would you eat anything? (Sugar)
You are so warm.

9.08 I hesitated (Sugar)
I walked slowly forwards
I rushed down the stairs (Honey)

9.010 Royal Challenge
Need 6,000 Grace pts

Part 10

10.03 I turned to go back inside (Sugar)
I smiled at him (Honey)
I stopped and looked away

10.08 I looked away (Sugar)
I nodded
Of course. (Honey)

10.10 Royal Challenge
Premium: Rose-Embroidered Flared Dress (Beauty 100+) - 500 Coins
Normal: Passion Red Dress (Beauty 50+) - 300 Coins or 8,000 Bells

Secret End: 15000+ Grace Points at Honey Route 13.10
Honey End: Honey Route, 15000 Grace Points
Sugar End: Sugar Route


Honey Route

Part 11

11.03 I need to have courage. (Sugar)
I believe in Albert. (Honey)
We made this choice together.

11.08 I nodded (Honey)
I faltered
I looked up at him (Sugar)

Part 12

12.02 I got flustered
I blushed (Honey)
I looked away (Sugar)

12.05 Royal Challenge
Need 13,500 Grace pts

12.07 I studied him curiously (Sugar)
Of course. (Honey)
Let me check with Giles.

Honey End

HE.03 What do you want to do?
Do you want to dance? (Sugar)
I smiled up at Albert (Honey)

HE.05 Royal Challenge
Premium: Wine Red Full Ball Gown Set (Beauty 180+) - 900 Coins
Normal: Moss Green Strapless Dress Set (Beauty 100+) - 500 Coins or 20,000 Bells

HE.0? We can do anything, right?
We will! (Honey)
I want to do all I can.


Sugar Route

Part 11

11.02 I said what I really felt (Sugar)
I smiled
I will be okay.

11.09 I fell silent (Sugar)
I gazed into his eyes
What does that mean?

Part 12

12.04 I cannot go back to Wysteria. (Sugar)
Must I throw away my memories?
I stared at Albert

12.05 Royal Challenge
Need 13,500 Grace pts

12.06 It make me think of you.
It is beautiful.
I bet Benjamin would like it. (Sugar)

Sugar End

SE.04  I wanted to see you
I wanted to be near you
I wanted to say goodbye (Sugar)
SE.05 Royal Challenge
Premium: Classic Roses and Lace Ballgown Set (Beauty 180+) - 900 Coins
Normal: Embroidered Brown Chiffon Dress Set (Beauty 100+) - 500 Coins or 20,000 Bells

SE.09 I feel lonely. (Sugar)
I want to see you.
I want you to be happy.

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