18 February, 2018

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Guard me, Sherlock! - Sebastian Moran Season 1

(*Note: Special Thanks to Cathrin for the Walkthrough!)

Main Story


0.03  -Quiz Time-
M (Correct)

Get 3x CG's

Chapter 1: Handcuffs
(16 Episodes)

1.05 There's no way!
I can't believe it …
You might be right. (Best Choice)

1.06 Talk to the police.
Talk to the onlookers. (Best Choice)

1.08 -Quiz Time-
28 seconds.
42 seconds.
35 seconds. (+80x Token)

1.11 Alfred Moran.
James Moran.
Sebastian Moran. (Best Choice)

1.14 That would be great!
I feel bad.
What do you think, Moran? (Best Choice)

1.16 -Avatar Checkpoint-
Premium: Sebastian Moran (Casual): 5 Jewel's or 500 Tokens -> Get a CG

Chapter 2: Bedroom
(15 Episodes)

2.05 -Sweetie Checkpoint-
Need 160pt
Get: '221B Academy: Sherlock vs. Sebastian' (Part 1)

2.05 Not really …
I like you more …
I love them! (Best Choice)

2.08 It's a secret.
We slept apart.
We slept together. (Best Choice)

2.09 The meat pies here are delicious!
What nice weather we're having.
How about a quiz? (Best Choice)

2.09 -Quiz Time-
0% (+20x Power Recovery Item) 

2.12 -Avatar Checkpoint-
Premium: Antique Gun : 10 Jewel's + 1x CG
Normal: Phone : 5 Jewel's or 1,300 Token

2.13 I'm having trouble sleeping.
My wrist hurts. (Best Choice)

Chapter 3: About Sebastian
(14 Episodes)

3.02 -Quiz Time-
2 witnesses.
1 witness. (+80x Token)

3.06 You need to tell white lies.
Want to be real couple.
Just be yourself. (Best Choice)

3.07 -Sweetie Checkpoint-
Need 3,700pt
Get: '221B Academy: Something Sebastian Dislikes'

3.07 What do you do for a living?
Do you have a girlfriend.
What's your relationship with James? (Best Choice)

3.12 That's disappointing.
That's a relief.
That's all right. (Best Choice)

3.14 That tickles. (+Okay Choice)
What about you? (+Good Choice)
Thanks. (Best Choice)

Chapter 4: Great Detective Returns
(13 Episodes)

4.01 -Quiz Time-
1 out of 432.
1 out of 1,296.
1 out of 6. (+20x Power Recovery Item)

4.03 They still hurt a little.
It's no big deal.
They're fine now! (Best Choice)

4.08 -Sweetie Checkpoint-
Need 6,000pt
Get: '221B Academy: Sebastian's Complaints'

4.08 I don't know about that …
I guess I'll stay.
Why? (Best Choice)

4.12 The killer knew the victim.
There are several killers.
The killer is a pro sniper. (Best Choice)

4.13 Scream.
Look in the direction of the shot.
Drop to the ground. (Best Choice)

Chapter 5: Beyond the Sleepless Night
(12 Episodes)

5.03 -Avatar Checkpoint-
Premium: Lace Trim Garter Belt: 15 Jewel's + 1x CG
Normal: Lace-up Ribbon Socks: 10 Jewel's or 3,000 Token

5.04 Save me a bowl for later.
I don't feel well.
I'll have dinner. (Best Choice)

5.05 He might not come back.
I'm sure he'll be back. (Best Choice)

5.06 I'm exhausted.
I want to hear about it, too.
I shouldn't interfere. (Best Choice)

5.08 I have a good idea.
I'll prove I'm useful.
It's good to know you'll both protect me. (Best Choice)

5.12 -Quiz Time-
A is West.
B is West.
C is West.
D is West. (+80x Token)

Chapter 6: Secret Meeting
(11 Episodes)

6.01 You stole the key.
You're the owner of the house?
You know the owner of the house? (Best Choice)

6.03 I want to watch Sherlock.
Of course. (Best Choice)

6.04 There's a hygienic problem there.
I want to help you.
I'm sure it'll come true. (Best Choice)

6.05 Walk around the mansion alone.
Follow Sebastian.
Stay with Sherlock. (Best Choice)

6.05 -Quiz Time-
John had 5, Mikah had 4.
John had 6, Mikah had 4.
John had 7, Mikah had 5. (+20x Power Recovery Item)

Chapter 7: Battle
(13 Episodes)

7.01 Erikson.
Scotland Yard.
The Hitman. (Best Choice)

7.08 I can't go with you, can I?
I'll go with you!
What should I do? (Best Choice)

7.09 Sebastian. (+Good Choice)
Sherlock. (+Okay Choice)
Both. (Best Choice)

7.10 George Lestrade.
James Moriarty.
Jack Stillman. (Best Choice)

7.11 -Quiz Time-
A shadow.
A sound.
A voice. (+50x Token)

Chapter 8: Date of Reward
(12 Episodes)

8.02 -Sweetie Checkpoint-
Need 17,200pt
Get: '221B Academy: Sherlock vs. Sebastian' (Part 2)

8.02 Sebastian. (+Good Choice)
Sherlock. (+Okay Choice)
I don't know. (Best Choice)

8.04 What does he mean?
I hope he doesn't mean romantically.
As an actress? (Best Choice)

8.05 … you feel competitive with Sherlock? (+Good Choice)
  … you actually care about winning? (+Okay Choice)
  … you wanted to take me on a date? (Best Choice)

8.10 This is a nice restaurant.
Are you nervous?
How is the case coming? (Best Choice)

8.10 -Quiz Time-
Four. (+20x Power Recovery Item)

8.12 -Avatar Checkpoint-
Premium: Lacy Bunny Ears: 70 Jewel's + 1 CG
Normal: Lacy Gloves with Bow: 50 Jewel's or 5,700 Token

Chapter 9: About the Two
(12 Episodes)

9.02 Clotted Cream.
I like eating scones with bones. (Best Choice)

9.06 About Yourself.
About Sherlock. (Best Choice)

9.08 Sherlock feels chained to Mycroft.
Sherlock hates Mycroft to the core.
Sherlock might like Mycroft. (Best Choice)

9.10 -Sweetie Checkpoint-
Need 27,200pt
Get: '221B Academy: A Bouquet for You'

9.11 There's no way. (+Good Choice)
I don't know. (+Okay Choice)
You might be right. (Best Choice)

9.11 -Quiz Time-
21. (+80x Token)

Chapter 10: Unexpected Consequence
(8 Episodes)

10.02 I don't know.
He might not come.
He'll come. (Best Choice)

10.03 -Avatar Checkpoint-
Premium: Frilly Lace-full Mini Dress: 130 Jewel's + 1 CG
Normal: Bloody One-piece Dress: 100 Jewel's or 4,000 Token

10.08 Go to sleep.
Go see Sherlock.
Go see Sebastian. (Best Choice)

10.08 -Quiz Time-
0 (+20x Power Recovery Item)


1. Blissful Ending (2 CG's)

Get: 5x Story Tickets, 25x Jewels, 200x Power Recovery Item, 1x 'Everyday Outfit' (Sebastian)

2. Happy Ending
Get: 5x Story Tickets, 10x Jewels, 100x Power Recovery Item, 1x 'European Mansion from Inside' [Background]


  1. Hey I was just wondering, I did all the best choices but at the end I didn't reach blissful ending?? Anyone else have this problem?

    1. Sebastians route is different from all the other ones of this game. There are two different Blissful Endings (one with Sebastian, one with Sherlock). The answers here should get you to the point where you can choose between them.
      Said that, I red that there was a problem with the Love Meter and they even sent some items as apology to all gamers. If you are still stuck on the Ending, please write an email via the ingame support center, so they can help you to get the Ending you aimed for.