29 April, 2018

[Walkthrough] Havenfall is for Lovers - JD

Season 1
(*Note: Special Thanks to Ash for letting me share this Walkthrough! You can find the original post HERE.)

Episode 1

1.01 You wrote on Razi’s face.
You kept him up with your bike. -> Right Choice
Ran off with his liquor.

1.02 JD’s great.
 It was an honest mistake.  -> Right Choice

1.03 Shout for her to stop.  -> Right Choice
Move further from Grace.
 Call 911.

<special image>

Episode 2

2.01 You have wings. 
Are you really JD? -> Right Choice
This isn't possible.

2.02 Ask them about last night. (-15 hearts)
 Pretend like nothing happened.

2.03 Sorry, JD. 
Is that why we get along so well?
You still saved me.  -> Right Choice

Episode 3

3.01 Why don't you need wings, Razi? -> Right Choice
So, Doctor, you're... 
What kind of supernatural, Sheriff?

3.02 Go on a ride with JD. (-25 hearts)
 Investigate by yourself.

3.03 Make it funny. -> Right Choice
 Try to be serious.
 Say the first word that comes to mind.

Episode 4

4.01 I'm okay. Ish.  -> Right Choice
Not physically? 
Tell them how you really feel.

4.02 Gladiator? 
Gladiolus, right?  -> Right Choice
 We settled on cryptid, I think.

4.03 It wasn't thinking.  -> Right Choice
 They're flammable. 
Not really, no.

Episode 5

5.01The whale thing. 
Dimensional warp stuff sounds fun. 
Ancient deities but modern? I'm sold.  -> Right Choice

5.02 Stay here with JD. (-26 hearts) 
Get up.

5.03 Biscuits and gravy.  -> Right Choice
Eggs and bacon. 
Coffee… and a bagel.

Episode 6

6.01 Metal Dancer Mayhem: Tigerclaw 
Titan Fighter LXIX: Destructo-Deities  -> Right Choice
Legend Dancer DX: Fantasy Funk

6.02 Have JD fly you away. (-28 hearts) 
Take their motorcycle.

6.03 The people.  -> Right Choice
It’s home. 
Not really.

<special image>

Episode 7

7.01 Macaroni and cheese.  -> Right Choice
Peanut butter and jelly. 
Cold cereal.

7.02 Aren’t you tired? 
You sound unsure.  -> Right Choice

7.03 JD wouldn’t.  -> Right Choice
I’m plenty careful. 
I’ll try.

Episode 8

8.01 New haircut? 
Well, his shirt’s on backwards. 
He never eats here. -> Right Choice

8.02 Help JD catch it! (-26 hearts)
 Hide behind the bar.

8.03 It’s fine. 
I gotta go.
Thanks for protecting me. -> Right Choice

Episode  9

9.01 They got busy. -> Right Choice
Razi wanted them to stay. 
I’m fine alone.

9.02  Show them how you really feel. (-28 hearts)
Just leave.

9.03 Grab the catwalk! -> Right Choice
Jump for it! 
Get away from the ladder!

<special image>

Episode 10

10.01 Punch the dashboard.
Wiggle the key in the ignition. -> Right Choice
Ask nicely.

10.02 I didn’t really wander.
Razi ratted me out?
Guilty as charged. -> Right Choice

10.03 Ease up on them. -> Right Choice
Good to see it sank in. 
 Joke a bit.

Episode 11

11.01 “Thank” them. (-27 hearts) 
Just eat the food.

11.02 Where’s Grace?! -> Right Choice
No. Nope. No. 

11.03 Check the ticket booth.
 Could be in those trees? -> Right Choice

Episode 12

12.01 We could get up close?
If the pods are dangerous...
Let’s draw them out! -> Right Choice

12.02 Save JD! (-30 hearts)

<special image>

12.03 Get a closer look. -> Right Choice
Poke one with a stick.
Ew. No. Bad.

To be continued in Season 2...


  1. Do you have any more walkthroughs for this? This was great!

    1. Yeah, I still need to post one. Sorry, I didn't had much time to post anything. Will update more next week ^^