29 April, 2018

[Walkthrough] Havenfall is for Lovers - Jordan Davies (JD)

Season 1

(*Note: Special Thanks to Ash for letting me share this Walkthrough! You can find the original post HERE.)

Episode 1

1.01 You wrote on Razi’s face.
You kept him up with your bike. -> Right Choice
Ran off with his liquor.

1.02 JD’s great.
 It was an honest mistake.  -> Right Choice

1.03 Shout for her to stop.  -> Right Choice
Move further from Grace.
 Call 911.

<special image>

Episode 2

2.01 You have wings. 
Are you really JD? -> Right Choice
This isn't possible.

2.02 Ask them about last night. (Needs 15 💗)
 Pretend like nothing happened.

2.03 Sorry, JD. 
Is that why we get along so well?
You still saved me.  -> Right Choice

Episode 3

3.01 Why don't you need wings, Razi? -> Right Choice
So, Doctor, you're... 
What kind of supernatural, Sheriff?

3.02 Go on a ride with JD. (Needs 25 💗)
 Investigate by yourself.

3.03 Make it funny. -> Right Choice
 Try to be serious.
 Say the first word that comes to mind.

Episode 4

4.01 I'm okay. Ish.  -> Right Choice
Not physically? 
Tell them how you really feel.

4.02 Gladiator? 
Gladiolus, right?  -> Right Choice
 We settled on cryptid, I think.

4.03 It wasn't thinking.  -> Right Choice
 They're flammable. 
Not really, no.

Episode 5

5.01The whale thing. 
Dimensional warp stuff sounds fun. 
Ancient deities but modern? I'm sold.  -> Right Choice

5.02 Stay here with JD. (Needs 26 💗)
Get up.

5.03 Biscuits and gravy.  -> Right Choice
Eggs and bacon. 
Coffee… and a bagel.

Episode 6

6.01 Metal Dancer Mayhem: Tigerclaw 
Titan Fighter LXIX: Destructo-Deities  -> Right Choice
Legend Dancer DX: Fantasy Funk

6.02 Have JD fly you away. (Needs 28 💗)
Take their motorcycle.

6.03 The people.  -> Right Choice
It’s home. 
Not really.

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Episode 7

7.01 Macaroni and cheese.  -> Right Choice
Peanut butter and jelly. 
Cold cereal.

7.02 Aren’t you tired? 
You sound unsure.  -> Right Choice

7.03 JD wouldn’t.  -> Right Choice
I’m plenty careful. 
I’ll try.

Episode 8

8.01 New haircut? 
Well, his shirt’s on backwards. 
He never eats here. -> Right Choice

8.02 Help JD catch it! (Needs 26 💗)
 Hide behind the bar.

8.03 It’s fine. 
I gotta go.
Thanks for protecting me. -> Right Choice

Episode  9

9.01 They got busy. -> Right Choice
Razi wanted them to stay. 
I’m fine alone.

9.02  Show them how you really feel. (Needs 28 💗)
Just leave.

9.03 Grab the catwalk! -> Right Choice
Jump for it! 
Get away from the ladder!

<special image>

Episode 10

10.01 Punch the dashboard.
Wiggle the key in the ignition. -> Right Choice
Ask nicely.

10.02 I didn’t really wander.
Razi ratted me out?
Guilty as charged. -> Right Choice

10.03 Ease up on them. -> Right Choice
Good to see it sank in. 
 Joke a bit.

Episode 11

11.01 “Thank” them. (Needs 27 💗)
Just eat the food.

11.02 Where’s Grace?! -> Right Choice
No. Nope. No. 

11.03 Check the ticket booth.
 Could be in those trees? -> Right Choice

Episode 12

12.01 We could get up close?
If the pods are dangerous...
Let’s draw them out! -> Right Choice

12.02 Save JD! (Needs 30 💗)

<special image>

12.03 Get a closer look. -> Right Choice
Poke one with a stick.
Ew. No. Bad.

Season 2

(*Note: Special Thanks to Detestie for this Walkthrough!)

Episode 1
Hit the window.
Just what you'd expect.
Aww, you do care!

Episode 2
Back too Razi's?
Things were always bad!

Premium: Stay with JD. (Needs 27💗)
Normal: Go home to pass out.

Episode 3
You're warm.
Something on my face?

Premium: Help JD pick out a helmet. (Needs 26💗)
Normal: Disregard their concern for you.

Episode 4
JD was protecting me!
Hold them close.
Lay them down.

Episode 5
Ask JD what's up.

Premium: Defend JD! (Needs 26💗)
Normal: Stay out of it.

Grab the wheel!

Episode 6
Wolf with pizza?
I don't know.

Premium: Shower with JD. (Needs 26💗)
Normal: Not tonight.

Episode 7
It might move.

Premium: Go together. (Needs 26💗)
Normal: Stay behind.

Where's Grace?

Episode 8

Premium: Let JD treat you. (Needs 27💗)
Normal: Turn them down.

That's pretty low bar.
You better not have hurt her!

Episode 9
I could try pinching?
I don't believe you.
Drag them away.

Episode 10
Just keep at it.
Any doctory ideas?
Kiss them again.

Episode 11
You're not gonna like it.

Premium: Be open about your feelings. (Needs 28💗)
Normal: Change the subject.

How fancy are we talking?

Episode 12
Has anyone checked the drive-in lately?
What's the plan?

Premium: Help JD save Grace! (Needs 26💗)
Normal: Run away.

Season 3

(*Note: Special Thanks to Detestie for this Walkthrough!)

Episode 1
Hug her tight.
Back off.
We had some help.

Episode 2
Is there anything else you want to know?

Premium: You can trust me, JD. (Needs 28💗)
Normal: Drop it.

Maybe overdoing it will work.

Episode 3
It's super cheesy.
Oh hell yes.

Premium: Follow JD's lead. (Needs 26💗)
Normal: Go talk to Grace.

Episode 4
....Good monster?
THEY owe YOU twenty bucks?
Chicago has some great schools.

Episode 5
Take it slow.
Maybe he just wanted to ditch.

Premium: Sneak away with JD. (Needs 27💗)
Normal: Stay on the tour.

Episode 6
Dog food?
Ever been to Europe?

Premium: Show JD how much you appreciate them. (Needs 28💗)
Normal: Turn in for the night.

Episode 7
Is "throw down" an option?
You like when I'm mess, huh?
I want you to feel it too.

Episode 8
Drink some.
The most complicated mixed drink they have?

Premium: Let JD steal you away for a night of romance. (Needs 28💗)
Normal: Sober up and go home.

Episode 9
Take it cautiously.

Premium: Help JD turn things up a notch. (Needs 26💗)
Normal: Quiet down.

Fight with JD!

Episode 10
Spot targets for JD.
Some kind of magic?
I'm with you.

Episode 11
It's like code.

Premium: I'd love to go flying with you! (Needs 26💗)
Normal: Just take the bike.

Incineration time?

Episode 12
Open the door.

Premium: Give yourself to JD. (Needs 30💗)
Normal: Not tonight.

Season 4

(*Note: Special Thanks to Detestie for this Walkthrough!)

Episode 1
I got this.
Draw it back in!

Premium: Stay with me JD! (Needs 26💗)
Normal: Say goodbye.

Episode 2
You could rock a dress.
Who's there?

Episode 3
Meet any of your half-siblings?
Dream-JD gave me a hint.

Premium: I want you, JD. (Needs 28💗)
Normal: Let's get some sleep.

Episode 4
Try at midnight.
My place?
Somewhere out of town?

Episode 5
Search through stations.
Who's Mothman talking to?

Premium: Spend the night among the stars with JD. (Needs 27💗)
Normal: Stay on the solid ground.

Episode 6
Lift ones idea at time.

Premium: Talk about future you want with JD. (Needs 28💗)
Normal: Drop the subject.

Draw it on a flat surface instead.

Episode 7
We're still at your dad's mercy.
Trick shot!
We could stream a movie?

Episode 8
Roll over!
Remember when I got kidnapped?

Premium: Let the group play with Spike. (Needs 26)
Normal: All work, no play.

Episode 9
Steak. Gimmie.

Premium: Get kinky. (Needs 28💗)
Normal: Stay mild.

Nothing is more important to me than they are.

Episode 10
Answer him.
She's trying to be better.
We can be together all we want.

Episode 11
Enter the Cuddlezone.
Havenfall's dating scene is rough.

Premium: Bring out the cuffs! (Needs 29💗)
Normal: Keep it tame.

Episode 12
A couple sandwiches and snacks should do.
Give it all you've got.

Premium: Offer JD an intimate shower. (Needs 30💗)
Normal: Use the hose outside instead.

Season 5

(*Note: Special Thanks to Detestie for this Walkthrough!)

Episode 1
Yeah, there's always a catch.
Nacho pizza.
He could take away my ability to stop it.

Episode 2
You mentioned wanting to show me Jersey?

Premium: Join JD for Truth or Dare! (Needs 26💗)
Normal: Stay out of it.

You bought more sex toys?

Episode 3
Good enough to eat.
It'll be fun!

Premium: Give in to JD's temptation. (Needs 28💗)
Normal: Keep it PG-13.

Episode 4
That's putting it lightly.
Where There's Smoke?

Episode 5

Premium: Let JD take you for a spin! (Needs 28💗)
Normal: Stay at the bar.

JD isn't yours!
We could head down south.

Episode 6

Premium: Fight alongside JD and Cyprin! (Needs 26💗)
Normal: Run for it.

Do you trust him?
You goof, that's hot. Yes.

Episode 7
She wouldn't want you thinking like that.
How's the scene in France?
I've definitely heard worse by now.

Episode 8
Maybe over my heart?

Premium: Help JD pick something out! (Needs 26💗)
Normal: Let's get going.

Looks like you've got a rival, babe.

Episode 9
How fancy can they do an omelette?
Try the strenght tester!

Premium: Stay for the fireworks with JD. (Needs 28💗)
Normal: Call it a day.

Episode 10
Have you met Hikari?
Be distracting!
I just want to be with you.

Episode 11
A dragon.

Premium: Enjoy a surfing lesson with JD! (Needs 27💗)
Normal: Stay high and dry.

What does that even mean?

Episode 12

Premium: Have the Jersey Devil on the Jersey Shore. (Needs 30💗)
Normal: Let's go back.

I'll have what JD's having.


  1. Do you have any more walkthroughs for this? This was great!

    1. Yeah, I still need to post one. Sorry, I didn't had much time to post anything. Will update more next week ^^