24 May, 2018

[Walkthrough] After School Affairs - Chiharu Utsumi

Season 2: Dormitory for Adults

(*Note: There are two Endings for this story: the Climatic Ending and the Amorous Ending.)
(*Note: Special Thanks to Nekoo Chan for this Walkthrough!)

Amorous Ending

Episode 1
C: I'd love to.
B: Don't tell anyone.

Episode 2
A: Feign ignorance.
A: Just forget I said that.

Episode 3
C: I like this place.
A: Scold Chiharu.

Episode 4
A: He asked me for advice.
C: Don't accept the bribe.

Episode 5
C: You were mean, so no.
A: You tease the girls you like.

Episode 6
A: No I'm not.
C You still have plenty of time.

Episode 7
B: Flash him a smile.
B: I slipped.

Episode 8
C: Close my eyes.
A: Grin at him.

Episode 9
C: Speak to him softly.
B: I'm lucky to be the first to see it.

Episode 10
C: Leave it to me.
A: Do you think you can get it?

Episode 11
B: Take the seat.
A: Make an excuse.

Episode 13
B: Hide.
A: I wasn't avoiding you.

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  1. Climatic Ending

    Episode 1
    A: “I can’t.”
    A: “None of your business.”

    Episode 2
    C: Plead with him to be silent.
    C: “Sorry, I shouldn’t be complaining.”

    Episode 3
    A: “That’s not it, and you know it.”
    C: Stay Silent.

    Episode 4
    B: “It was a coincidence.”
    C: Don’t take the bribe.

    Episode 5
    B: “Sure, I guess.”
    B: “Your shy.”

    Episode 6
    B: Shake from his grip.
    B: “I’m here for support.”

    Episode 7
    C: Call to him.
    C: “It was to wake you up.”

    Episode 8
    B: Stay Still.
    B: Pretend I didn’t notice.

    Episode 9
    A: Wait for him to notice me.
    C: “I don’t want to show anyone this.”

    Episode 10
    A: “Are you sure?”
    C: Say nothing.

    Episode 11
    A: Point-blank refuse
    B: Say nothing.

    Episode 12
    C: Pretend I didn’t see them.
    B: “Yes, I’ve been avoiding you.”