02 June, 2018

[Walkthrough] Celebrity Darling - Hayato Shiratori

Main Story

(*Note: Special Thanks to Deborah for this Walkthrough!
To read the Normal and Bad Ending and the Gameover Story, just click on them in the Chapter Selection.)

Episode 1
Give him a friendly smile
Yes, please!
Pay special attention to emotion
Episode 2
I know, I’m psyched!
If I’m doing it, I want to do my best
I was absorbed in your lines
Episode 3
And orange lipstick
Push the issue
Episode 4
I was worried about you
Pick it up and study it
Episode 5
I brought him his script…
I’m happy you’re better
Ask for advice
Episode 6
Turn and smile at Hayato
We just talked a little
Episode 7
I can…
Say nothing
Episode 8
Go with her
Bang on the door
Answer, “I don’t know”
Episode 9
I don’t know how to answer…
I’m sorry
Episode 10
There is someone I like…
Maybe… I imagined it?
Episode 11
It’s not like I want to do it
I wish they’d cut it
I was hoping it’d be with Hayato
Episode 12
… The reason you didn’t kiss me..
Run to Hayato
I’m...Worried about you!
Episode 13
Why did Hayato...
It can be you…
Episode 14
I am sorry about all this
I’m going to miss you
Actually, I called Hayato
Episode 15
I’m going to see the guy I like
All right, I’ll call you
Try to hide behind Hayato
Episode 16
Call Hayato
Is it about us?
Together, we can get through anything
Episode 17
I don’t think anyone else could play it better
It’s about Hayato. I can handle it
Episode 18
I’m really happy
Of course!
Episode 19
I want to know what you’re thinking too
There are so many things I want to say
Episode 20
We’re going out
I-I’m happy, but...
Happy Ending

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