02 June, 2018

[Walkthrough] Celebrity Darling - Sho Kiriya

Main Story

(*Note: Special Thanks to Deborah & Mizuki Aino for this Walkthrough!
To read the Normal and Bad Ending and the Gameover Story, just click on them in the Chapter Selection.)

Episode 1
Look down
Sing from the heart
Episode 2
The orange dress
I’d like to sing, if that’s OK
Episode 3
Practice the song
I’ll be fine. Totally fine
Episode 4
I wouldn’t say close, we’re texting buddies
I don’t want someone else!
Give them a friendly smile
Episode 5
Where did you hear the rumors?
Do I look OK?
Text about the rumors
Episode 6
Why would Aya do that…?
Follow Sho
Episode 7
Think about your bandmates
Of course, I’ll go no matter what
Search for a vending machine
OK, when?
Episode 8
Forgive her
Shake his hand
Stare at Sho
Episode 9
I like it, but I’m worried about the dance
Tell him about Haru
Actually, I ran into Haru
I wish we were
Episode 10
Go with her
Think about the boy
OK, I get it
Episode 11
So do I
We went on a date
Episode 12
Read the letter
Episode 13
Talk about Sho having a girlfriend
They told me you have a girlfriend
I can’t give him up
Episode 14
It’s really hard… I can’t take it…
Dodge it quickly
But I don’t want to quit
Episode 15
I can’t give him up
…Have you heard the rumors?
Episode 16
Take it
I’m at a loss for words
What should I do…?
Episode 17
Where would I be without you? Thank you
Talk about when he was little
I wouldn’t miss it
Episode 18
Don’t back down
Pick up
I won’t have time for these calls
Episode 19
Wave’s music
Stop calling me
Episode 20
Pick up the phone
Tell him

Happy Ending

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