02 June, 2018

[Walkthrough] Celebrity Darling - Shinnosuke Ichijo

Main Story

(*Note: Special Thanks to Deborah for this Walkthrough!
To read the Normal and Bad Ending and the Gameover Story, just click on them in the Chapter Selection.)

Episode 1
Laugh it off
Ok, Shinnosuke then
No. I’ll keep trying
Episode 2
Calculate when to be wrong
I was just doing my best to answer the questions!
Episode 3
I won’t let it happen again
Give your number
He does have a nice face
Episode 4
Apologize to Hayato
Thank you
Nothing! I’ll do a great job!
Episode 5
I know. I’m sorry
Text Shinnosuke
You were at a singles meet up
Episode 6
Yeah, I like them
Eccept the ticket
I have him known Shinnosuke long?
Episode 7
Please stop
He was touching me
But he’s a good person
Episode 8
Say something to him
Ask Shinnosuke what to do
Text Shinnosuke
Episode 9
Yeah, a little
I think he’s really talented
Episode 10
Sure, I’ll be fine
No way… I won’t have a kiss scenes
Try to break free
Episode 11
I like it
Get the chiffon cake
I have a job that day…
Episode 12
He wants to prove himself to you
I have a one-sided crush on him
Sure, now would be fine
Episode 13
Ask about the Playboy rumors
Look down
Talk about it
Episode 14
Apologize for bringing his dad
Episode 15
Watch silently
Make my presence known
Talk about what I saw backstage
Episode 16
OK, I guess…
Hug him
Stay little longer
Episode 17
Yes, they are
He’s worried about his grandma
Does Shinnosuke know your fiancé?
Episode 18
Reading the room
Tell him about the marriage issue
I hate that
Episode 19
Anything, as long as it’s the right person
Episode 20
Go find Shinnosuke
I’m so happy…
Happy Ending

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