05 August, 2018

[Walkthrough] Kings of Paradise - Kiyohito Shirakami

(*Note: Special Thanks to ladislava1989 for the Walkthroughs!)

Main Story

Bodies on Fire

Episode 1
C - You can‘t split people into two categories.
A - I love it!

Episode 2
B - You‘re so sexy.
C - Teach me some poses.

Episode 3
A - I was having fun.
C - It‘s not that easy.

Episode 4
B - She‘s a home-wrecker.
B - Pretty sexy, huh?

Episode 5
B - I‘m not used to stores like these.
C - I‘d never been so stressed about getting dressed before.

Episode 6
B - Great. Switch places with me.
B - Your body is your livelihood.

Episode 7
B - Acklowledge his presence.
A - It pushed me to try harder.

Episode 8
B - He was acting normal this morning.
A - Stare at the mirror.

Episode 9
A - Look back at him.
C - I want to shove these in my ex‘s face.

Episode 10
A - Thanks for talking to me.
B - I never thought I‘d date another man again.

Episode 11
A - No dinner for you.
A - Guess he doesn‘t want to eat with me.

Episode 12
B - I’m just a regular person.
B - I can’t believe you kept your promise even after we broke up.
Hearts in Paradise

Episode 1
A - Maybe so.
B - I forgot I could look this hot!

Episode 2
A - Thank you for today.
A - You know more poses than I do recipes.

Episode 3
C - I was just excited to b e there.
A - You think that‘ll make me happy?

Episode 4
C - Don‘t blame me for my ex‘s choises.
A - Cover your face with your hands.

Episode 5
C - You should pick something out.
B - I picked it all out myself.

Episode 6
A - If I survive his nasty attitude….
C - Your plan to make me over would fail if you got sick.

Episode 7
A - Let‘s take a picture together Kiyohito.
B - I was just doing what I wanted to do.

Episode 8
C - He should seek medical help...
B - Make a joke.

Episode 9
B - Look away.
C - How much fan mail do you get?

Episode 10
 C - I‘m happy to listen, if you need to talk.
A - Would you prefer no emotional reaction?

Episode 11
B - I‘m glad I finished my laps.
C - His breakfast is going to get cold.

Episode 12
A - I’m divorced.
A - I didn’t think you’d keep your promise.


  1. These walkthroughs are never COMPLETED!! They have 13 episodes and the all the WALKTHROUGHS ALWAYS STOP AT EPISODE 11!! I APPRECIATE ALL THE WALKTHROUGHS very much BUT PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM! Thank you!