09 August, 2018

[Walkthrough] Our Private Homeroom - Shuya Komaki

(*Note: Special Thanks to ladislavafor the Walkthroughs!)

Season 1: Main Story

Romantic Ending 

Episode 1
C - Turn to him for help
A - We‘ll win this year!

Episode 2
B - Text him
B - Because I never told you…?

Episode 3
B - See how this plays out.
B - I‘ll meet you some where else...

Episode 4
B - I had shopping to do, too.
A - I`d rather you just use it instead of treasuring it.

Episode 5
B - Let him try your hair.
C - Smile and talk about something.

Episode 6
B - Think things through.
A - Do as he ask.

Episode 7
A - We should get new ones.
C - The food came out tasty is all.

Episode 8
C - What was it again?
A - I was looking at your letters.

Episode 9
A - Was he here the whole time?
C - Stars.

Episode 10
C - Yes, sir!
C - Hide the truth.

Episode 11
A - Fiercely deny it.
A - I want to ask you something.

Episode 12
C - Let‘s take our team to the nationals!
A - Stare at him.
Seductive Ending

Episode 1
B - Act tough.
C - Try to change the mood of the room.

Episode 2
C - Kill time somewhere.
A - No need to glare.

Episode 3
C - Make up another excuse.
A - You don‘t have to do that!

Episode 4
A - No.
B - It‘s not expensive, you know.

Episode 5
A - I‘ll do it!
A - Pretend not to notice.

Episode 6
C - You know what? Nevermind.
C - Refuse.

Episode 7
C - Can we fix them?
A - I thought you were angry.

Episode 8
B - Don‘t tell me. It‘s right on the tip of my tongue.
B - I wasn‘t smiling. You‘re crazy!

Episode 9
C - Just apologize
A - Class.

Episode 10
B - They were just walking together! Right back at you‚ 'Mr Komaki'!
B - Keep your promise and stay silent.

Episode 11
C - Look at Tsukishiro.
C - (I’m not sure how to ask this…)

Episode 12
B - Selently watch him.
C - Repeat his words.

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