March 25, 2014

[Walkthrough] 10 Days with my Devil - Meguru Kamui

Main Story

I'm new to this, too.
You don't look much alike.
Well, sure!
That's a cultured choice.
I'm sorry...
Yeah, I am.
Don't be ridiculous.
Stop them both.
Sure, I'd love to!
A cool deep green one.
It's cute.
Forget about what happens after!
I don't want that!
...are for Meguru.
I was scared.
Will you be with me?
Yes! Let's.
I had a nightmare.
...know what hand you were using?
... I'll be fine.
A bit, yes.
...want to make up with her?
Stand in front of Meguru.
I do!
You ARE an idiot!
I don't need that.
Ring the bell again.
I'm not crying!
Of course.

Dating a Demon

You’re my future husband.
Let go of the fishing rod.
Do you think so…?
I’ll head back in a bit.
Call out for Meguru
I wanted to be alone.
Yes.  I guess…


Keep it together!
That was mean of him.
Don't push yourself too hard now.
You're really talented.
You can talk about it if you want.
Weren't you sad?
... a loving brother.
It made me think about my own family.
Are you here for work?
No, I won't!
Maybe I shouldn't tell Meguru.
Stay put and watch him go.
I guess you're right.
In order to protect me.
Wait for Meguru to return.
Scold Meguru.
That doesn't matter.
You finally beat Kakeru.

Wedding Sequel

Episode 1
You're so sure of yourself.
We were just looking

Episode 2
Did something happen?

Episode 3
You were listening, too. Kakeru.
This isn't enough.

Episode 4
We came to see you.
The new Meguru.

Episode 5
I'm scared.
Meguru, stop it.

Episode 6
I don't know.
Episode 7

About what?
What did you do?

Episode 8
Do you know something?
Meguru is Meguru.

Episode 9
Because I'm happy.
A couple got along very well.

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