25 March, 2014

[Walkthrough] 10 Days with my Devil - Meguru Kamui

Main Story

I'm new to this, too.
You don't look much alike.
Well, sure!
That's a cultured choice.
I'm sorry...
Yeah, I am.
Don't be ridiculous.
Stop them both.
Sure, I'd love to!
A cool deep green one.
It's cute.
Forget about what happens after!
I don't want that!
...are for Meguru.
I was scared.
Will you be with me?
Yes! Let's.
I had a nightmare.
...know what hand you were using?
... I'll be fine.
A bit, yes.
...want to make up with her?
Stand in front of Meguru.
I do!
You ARE an idiot!
I don't need that.
Ring the bell again.
I'm not crying!
Of course.

Super Happy Ending


Keep it together!
That was mean of him.
Don't push yourself too hard now.
You're really talented.
You can talk about it if you want.
Weren't you sad?
... a loving brother.
It made me think about my own family.
Are you here for work?
No, I won't!
Maybe I shouldn't tell Meguru.
Stay put and watch him go.
I guess you're right.
In order to protect me.
Wait for Meguru to return.
Scold Meguru.
That doesn't matter.
You finally beat Kakeru.

Super Happy Ending

Dating a Demon

You’re my future husband.
Let go of the fishing rod.
Do you think so…?
I’ll head back in a bit.
Call out for Meguru
I wanted to be alone.
Yes.  I guess…

Super Happy Ending

Wedding Sequel

Episode 1
You're so sure of yourself.
We were just looking

Episode 2
Did something happen?

Episode 3
You were listening, too. Kakeru.
This isn't enough.

Episode 4
We came to see you.
The new Meguru.

Episode 5
I'm scared.
Meguru, stop it.

Episode 6
I don't know.
Episode 7

About what?
What did you do?

Episode 8
Do you know something?
Meguru is Meguru.

Episode 9
Because I'm happy.
A couple got along very well.

Super Happy Ending

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