March 25, 2014

[Walkthrough] 10 Days with my Devil - Shiki Kurobane

Main Story

Pretty eyes.
It's cute.
You look happy.
Something wrong with that?
I'm sorry!'s cute.
I can't.
Your face is all red.
It's still mean to say.
He's like a little brother.
Thank you.
Were you worried about me?
I love you.
I like you.
I was the one who hugged him.
Thank you.
Close your eyes.
He's a friend.
I want Shiki.
There's someone else I like...
Thank you.
It's so pretty.
This is bad, isn't it?
I want to go to the Demon Realm.
How can you say that?
That's impossible!
Yell for help.
Try touching him.

Dating a Demon

Okay, open up!
Sorry about earlier.
Say he's your boyfriend.
Open the window.
Is there anything you wanna ride?
Do you feel better?
Anything, as long as we're together.
It's not like that.


You don't want to meet them?
Be careful.
That's not for you to decide.
About your family...
Maybe he really didn't want to.
Don't treat that like a given.
This is the real Shiki.
I decided to go on my own.
About Nozomu...
Anything else you're not telling me?
Doesn't he have to go back?
Ask Shiki.
I thought he was a girl...
Of course.
What would you have done? 

Wedding Sequel

Episode 1
Let’s do our best.

Episode 2
Do you know about us?
Don’t push yourself.

Episode 3
Thank you for saving me.
It’s nothing.

Episode 4
What did you do to Shiki?
(He’s like his usual self.)

Episode 5
A woman’s intuition.
I’m sorry for waking you.

Episode 6
Pet his head.
I can?

Episode 7
My loved one is right in front of me.
Shield Shiki.

Episode 8
I’m glad I got involved.
Pet him on the head.

Episode 9
Welcome back.
I have you, so I’m all right.

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