March 29, 2014

[Walkthrough] Be my Princess - Wilfred A. Spencer

Main Story

Episode 1
Call out to Prince Wilfred

Episode 2
Yes, I like it a lot.
Stay in Wilfred’s office

Episode 3
Do you not like carrots?
Return to the bedroom

Episode 4
Is there anything I can do?
Take a peek in the living room

Episode 5
I would love to!
Keep quiet

Episode 6
The only reason he’s so kind to me is… ?
Ask about Stephan

Episode 7
I will.
Call out to Prince Wilfred

Episode 8
Accept Wilfred’s hand
The flowers don’t seem as vibrant today.

Episode 9
Yes, very well.

Episode 10
I would like some tea.
Sorry, I don’t.

Episode 11
The flowers look nice.
Congratulate him

Episode 12
Ask Stephan about himself
Follow Prince Wilfred

Episode 13
Do you really hate me that much?
Are you truly okay?

Episode 14
Don’t go


Episode 1
It’s fine.
Say it

 Episode 2
Ask why
Talk about famous landmarks

 Episode 3
Go to the temple
Ask him to get the plates out

 Episode 4
Ask Wilfred about his childhood
Help the injured

 Episode 5
Would it be all right for me to go?
Talk to the girl

 Episode 6
I think it needs more investigating.
Ask to come along

Second Sequel

Episode 1
Gaze at Prince Wilfred
Give no answer

Episode 2
Call out softly
Say nothing

 Episode 3
Be gentle with him
Do nothing

 Episode 4
Just give the facts
Princess Sequel

Episode 1
Can’t I come with you?
No, we’re never met.

 Episode 2
Trust in his promise
Aren’t we together?

 Episode 3
Go to the office
You’re right, but…

 Episode 4
Be forthright
Ask about the media

 Episode 5
Try paying Wilfred a visit
I’m fine.

 Episode 6
I trust him, of course.
Are you hiding something?

Episode 7
You’ve gone above and beyond.
It ought to be made public.

Episode 8
Our system of government
Hug him back

Episode 9
Is it that farm?
I’ll work to earn your trust

Secret Spring Date
Hang back a bit (Happy Ending = Wilfred)
Follow right after them (Good Ending = Claude)

Another Prince's Wedding
We take shelter nearby (Happy Ending)
We get on a taxi and go home (Good Ending)

A Wine Party with Princes
Spend the night (Happy Ending)
Go home (Good Ending)

Prince Grand Prix
What kind of dance? (Happy Ending)
I'll do my best! (Good Ending)

The June Bride
Why did you say that? (Happy Ending)
You went too far. (Good Ending)

Camp on a Remote Island
Call out (Happy Ending)

Private Summer with the Princes
Go back to your room (Happy Ending)

A Secret Halloween for Two
Dance (Happy Ending)

A Royal Christmas
The Christmas Tree (Happy Ending)

A Royal St. Valentine's Day
Explain everything (Happy Ending)

A Trip to a Royal Anniversary Party
Respond (Happy Ending)

Your 1st White Day
Hesitate to speak (Happy Ending)

Wilfred's Birthday Set
- 1st Birthday: Try doing as asked
- 2nd Birthday: Speak implicitly

A Timeless Christmas
Santa (Happy Ending Wilfred)

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