29 March, 2014

[Walkthrough] Be my Princess - Keith Alford

Main Story

Episode 1
I've never danced before.
I’m not that kind of girl...

 Episode 2
All on my own
Tell her what happened at the party

 Episode 3
Call out to him
You have no right to say that!

Episode 4
Are these parties fun for you?
Say what’s on your mind

 Episode 5
Say something to Prince Keith
Reach out to Prince Keith

Episode 6
Give Prince Keith a piece of your mind
Why did you come earlier?

 Episode 7
I’m sorry to have worried you...

 Episode 8
Head towards the fields
Could I have one please?

 Episode 9
Stay quiet
Because I know how Laura feels.

Episode 10
Leave the office
Don’t say what happened

 Episode 11
Good luck!
I understand.

 Episode 12
Zain told me.
Don’t respond

 Episode 13
Should we not forgive Laura?
What are you doing out here this late?

 Episode 14
Look back at Prince Keith
Tell the truth

Happy Ending


(*Note: Sorry, part of this Walkthrough is still missing! If you by any chance have it, I would be very grateful if you could share them with us! Just send me a mail (dawnire@gmail.com) or post it in the comment box below. Thank you!)

 Episode 1
It would be a good idea, but…

Episode 2
Let’s get ready!
It’s alright.

Episode 3
Ask Prince Keith to do it
What are you doing here?

Episode 4
Thank you

Episode 5
Are there two people who made it?

Episode 6
Bow towards Mr. Kanemasa
Ask about the plants

Happy Ending

Second Sequel

 Episode 1
Thank you for coming to pick me up.

Episode 2
That is a lovely dress.
You were amazing!

Episode 3
Please, don't worry about it.
Call him back

Episode 4
Laugh it off
Put on the dress

Happy Ending

Princess Sequel

Episode 1
Are you telling the truth?

Episode 2
A goodbye kiss?
I want to be friendly.

Episode 3
Hasty denial

Episode 4
Kiss him on the lips
Get angry

Episode 5
I’ll go with you.
Just a little longer.

Episode 6
Okay, good luck with that.
Offer to invite Luke over

Episode 7
I can’t do that.
Shake your head

Episode 8
Call out
Please, take me with you!

Episode 9
I can’t agree to that.
The princes not on TV

Happy Ending


  1. Hi,
    The responses of the Main Story are for a normal end, I wonder if someone would know the answers to the main story to a happy ending.

  2. At prince granpix its wrong choice

    Happy end in "feel sad " choice

  3. The Sequal for this story and the rest of the characters are wrong after episode 5. They have just put this game in the Love 365 app, so maby theive changed it abit? Anyway it is extended to 8 episodes in the Sequel, both for this character and the others in this story.