28 March, 2014

[Walkthrough] A Prince's Proposal - Prince Roberto Button

Main Story

 If it pleases Your Highness.
Why did you come to my house?
I understand.
Open the door.
I don’t feel anything.
Isn’t it dangerous to be by yourself?
What’s your relationship with Cynthia?
Look away without saying anything.
Leave the area.
There’s no need to be jealous.
Smile back.
Look at Prince Roberto.
Keep an eye on him.
You have to be responsible.
Choose to stay.
Follow Prince Roberto.
You’ll make somebody very happy.
Go find some shade.
Look towards Prince Roberto.
Stay and watch.
Are you really okay with that?
I think I shall pass.
Lean into him.
Open the book quietly.
You can’t!

^ Coming soon! 

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