28 March, 2014

[Walkthrough] A Prince's Proposal - Prince Keith Alford

Main Story

I do not wish to dance with you!
You’re too full of yourself.
All on my own?
Tell her nothing is wrong.
Walk away quietly.
You have no right to say that. 
Are these parties fun for you?
Say what’s on your mind.
Say something to Prince Keith.
Reach out to Prince Keith.
Give Prince Keith a piece of your mind.
Why did you come earlier?
I’m sorry for worrying you.
Look away.
Head towards the town square.
Could I have one, please?
Stay quiet.
Because this isn’t my world.
Leave the office.
Don’t say what happened.
Good luck.
…Not at all.
Zain told me.
We should forgive Laura.
What are you doing out here this late?
Look away.
Tell the truth.

^ Coming soon!

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