28 March, 2014

[Walkthrough] A Prince's Proposal - Prince Wilfred A. Spencer

Main Story

Call out to Wilfred.
Prince Wilfred.
Yes, I like it a lot.
Stay in Prince Wilfred’s office.
So you don’t like carrots.
Return to my bedroom. 
Isn’t there anything I can do…?
Take a peek at the living room.
I would love to.
Keep quiet.
I want to stay like this a little longer..
Ask about Cecille.
Is it all right for me to go?
Call out to Prince Wilfred.
Accept Prince Wilfred’s hand.
The flowers don’t seem as vibrant today.
Yes, very well.
I’d like some tea, please.
Sorry, I don’t know…
The flowers are looking well…
Say nothing.
Ask Stephen about Cecille.
Why would you do that?
Follow Cecille.
Are you really okay with this?
Don’t go.

^ Coming soon!

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