10 April, 2014

[Walkthrough] Kiss of Revenge - Junpei Miyashita

Season 1: Main Story

Invite him for a drink.
That's where I decided to become a doctor.
Just for a little bit.
Bow slightly and leave.
Tease them.
Let me think about it.
Leave without saying anything.
Why do you ask?
Pick up.
Quietly start walking with him.
Keep eating.
Where are you going?
Give up and leave.
Ask about Junpei.
I don't have anything to talk to you about.
Break away from him. [= Continue on Main Story]
Is that yours?
I took some painkillers. I'm fine.
Tell him what's happening.
Thank Junpei.
Agree to go.
Ask what it's about.
Face whoever's there.
I was looking for something.
You'll regret it.
That's an easy thing to say.
Go meet him.
Ask why.
Announce Junpei's innocence.

I don't know what to do.
Do you know a patient named Maeshiro?
Actually, I really don't remember anything.
Sure, let's go outside.
I'm pretty focused on work.
Invite him in for coffee.
We'd need a car, you know.
I want to be with you tonight.
Sorry, I should've talked to you first.
I'll help until another doctor arrives.

Season 2: Main Story
(*Note: Special Thansk to Deborah for these Walkthroughs!)

Episode 1
If you’re telling the truth, prove it
… Thank you
Episode 2
What he wants is important too
That’s not true. Don’t be silly
Episode 3
I’m getting Daidouji’s recommendations
No, I’m sorry…
Episode 4
I’m fine
Could you stay here a little longer?
Episode 5
You can do this, Junpei
That won’t happen
Episode 6
It’s because we grew up together
Only if I’m with Junpei
Episode 7
Just hold on a little bit longer
Return his hug
Episode 8
You never change
I didn’t get enough sleep, that’s all
-toss him off-continue to the main story
Episode 9
You worry too much
How did you know?
Episode 10
I can’t talk about it right now
I’m sorry I didn’t say anything
Episode 11
If you’re going Junpei, then of course
Are used to be jealous, too…
Episode 12
Talk to him
Don’t talk like that
Episode 13
Don’t overwork yourself
Let’s work hard together from now on

Episode 14
You’re just a good student
This is just like you, Junpei
Episode 15
It was about the upcoming surgery…
Throw his arms off

Happy Ending

Season 2: Another Story
Episode 1
I just remembered something I have to do…
Is that really all?
Episode 2
I’m rooting for you
Are you jealous?
Episode 3
I was just thinking the same thing
She told me about you. That’s all

Episode 4
Is there anything I can do for you?
I’m not sad, but…
Episode 5
Will you teach me how to play?
Because I’m here with you
Happy Ending

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