May 4, 2014

[Walkthrough] My Sweet Bodyguard - Kaiji Akizuki

Main Story

Episode 1
This is all new to me!
Sorry for making you come.

Episode 2
I'm trying my best!
Agree with him

Episode 3
Do you want to sleep on the bed?
What does Kaiji think?

Episode 4
Talk about the room
I can see why you like living alone.

Episode 5
Do I look okay?
Tell him you're nervous

Episode 6
I'm nervous too.

Episode 7
I understand enough!
Take Kaiji's hankie

Episode 8
Are you okay?
Did you compliment me?

Episode 9
Is your foot okay?
No, he wasn't!

Episode 10
Say nothing
Stare at Kaiji

Episode 11
Ask him to repeat it
It's a little creepy...

Episode 12
You look really good!
Are you joking?

Episode 13
I sort of remember...
I don't want to.

Episode 14
No! I'm not better!
Hold Kaiji's hand


Episode 1
I know!

Episode 2
  I’m still in college.
I remember.

Episode 3
  Boyfriend and girlfriend
  He did…

Episode 4
I’m a little worried...

Episode 5
I don’t know.
  I’m fine.

Episode 6
  A little…
I’m worried.

Episode 7
Umm… About Kaiji…

Episode 8
I’m surprised!

Episode 9
I won’t think silly things.
I knew all this.


Episode 1
He’s more important than anyone.
Yeah, you’re right.

Episode 2
He’s the same as ever.
Let’s go dance!

Episode 3
Is there anything I can do?

 Episode 4
That’s how I feel.
Stand up for Kaiji

 Episode 5
Ask them what they know
You should contact Katsuragi…

Episode 6

What does it matter to you?
Is there anything we can do?

Episode 7

 What he did was wrong!
I’ve got you though.

Wedding Sequel

(*Note: Special  Thanks to Littlemymy for this Walkthrough! You can find the original post HERE on her tumblr blog.) 

Chapter 1
I’m okay with Kaiji
I want to think about my path

Chapter 2
You’re right
This isn’t the time for that

Chapter 3
It’s because I have you
I don’t

Chapter 4
You’re so cute
I will

Chapter 5
You seem absent minded

Chapter 6
Cook for me
I’d be happy

Chapter 7
We’re going to be apart soon
Of course

Chapter 8
It’s alright

Chapter 9
You idiot!
I did

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