May 4, 2014

[Walkthrough] My Sweet Bodyguard - Subaru Ichiyanagi

Main Story

Episode 1
How long have you been bodyguard?
I'm a little scared...

Episode 2
Happily give him the bags
Yes, Sir!

Episode 3
No, way!
Tell him it is delicious

Episode 4
What is she like?
You'd have made a good prince.

Episode 5
I don't cry!

Episode 6
Tell him, he scares you.
Thank you.

Episode 7
The item by your foot
You should ask me first!

Episode 8
Your home is so clean!
Do I look bad?

Episode 9
Not, really...
I want to stay at Subaru's

Episode 10
Why this is happening to me?

Episode 11
Thanks, everyone!
My life is in danger.

Episode 12
Of course, he doesn't!
It's cute.

Episode 13
I have to do it.

Episode 14
Cut the green!
Where did you go?


Episode 1
  I want to be with you.

Episode 2
  Of course not!

Episode 3
  I miss Subaru...
A great friend

Episode 4
I miss him, but…
Just this one time.

Episode 5
A little.
I’m surprised.

Episode 6
I felt happy.

Episode 7
Do you think that dress is pretty?

Episode 8
– Subaru
It’s weird...

Episode 9
I’m okay.


Episode 1
A giant eel dream.
If Subaru is okay with it.
Episode 2
That’d be an issue...
The sea is beautiful.

Episode 3
There are fortune tellers.
Let’s buy souvenirs!

Episode 4
I’m glad she’s doing well.
The world is round.

Episode 5
Keep an eye out overhead
Examine the photo

Episode 6
The criminals know me.
It’s a normal music box.

Episode 7
It’s strangely quiet.

Wedding Sequel

(*Note: This Walkthrough is still missing. If you by any chance have it, please let me know, so I can add it here for everyone. Thanks!)

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