May 4, 2014

[Walkthrough] My Sweet Bodyguard - Mizuki Fujisaki

Main Story

Episode 1
Being a bodyguard is tough…
Wipe away your tears

Episode 2
Ask for another bed
  Talk to Mizuki

Episode 3
  Smile and wave
Be really happy
We’re friends.

Episode 4
  Do and say nothing
Do you want to try?

Episode 5
  There is someone.
It’s for you.

Episode 6
Ask if something is wrong
An oversized t-shirt

Episode 7
– Rice
I got sick.

Episode 8
I’ll come with you!
– Cry

Episode 9
  Call out to Katsuragi
Squeeze Mizuki’s hand

Episode 10
You can understand what he’s saying
A pink one with flowers
I’m good at breaststroke!

Episode 11
Lie on my bed?
Touch his hair

Episode 12
Be happy!
  Scream to Mizuki

Episode 13
You saved me!

Episode 14
I only want Mizuki.
You gave me candy.


Episode 1
I'll stick with Kaiji.
Not at all!

Episode 2
It's like before.
Be careful.

Episode 3
Cat ears
You're always look after me.

Episode 4
I know everything.
What were you talking about?

Episode 5
We would escape together.

Episode 6
No, thank you.
He's the only one.

Episode 7
Call for Mizuki
I need the restroom!

Episode 8
I'm so happy!

Episode 9
Throw something
Stay with me.


Episode 1
Huh, me?
I wonder if I should then?

Episode 2
His strong heart.
You look cute, like a cat.

Episode 3
The only one for me is Mizuki.

Episode 4
That's not true!
But I want to see you.

Episode 5
I want to be with Mizuki.
He's a good childhood friend.

Episode 6
I want to clear your name.
Are you really a friend?

Episode 7
What do you mean?
I'm fine with this.

Wedding Sequel

Episode 1
You can.

Episode 2
A pet-friendly place
Again with that…

Episode 3
If Mizuki is there…
Leave him be

Episode 4
That’s not true.
You shouldn’t have fought.

Episode 5
Are you okay with that?
Nothing would change.

Episode 6
You’re good friends.

Episode 7
Don’t worry.

Episode 8
Why’re you doing this…?
I only love Mizuki.

Episode 9
You don’t have to say it…
He’s not.

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