May 4, 2014

[Walkthrough] My Sweet Bodyguard - Daichi Katsuragi

Main Story

Episode 1
You're really looking after me.

Episode 2
It's a little weird.
Katsuragi saved me.

 Episode 3
Do you hate me?
Green tea

 Episode 4
I'll hold an umbrella for you!
Keep going as you are.

 Episode 5
Get some rest too!

 Episode 6
Beg with your eyes
I don't like it.

 Episode 7
I feel a little sick.

 Episode 8
The man who attacked me with the car.

Episode 9
I'll go.

Episode 10
Look outside

 Episode 11
Shout Katsuragi's name
I'm scared.

 Episode 12
I'm going too...
Run to Katsuragi

 Episode 13
You're not boring me!
Thank you.

 Episode 14
They fought with sabers.
I'm staying here.


Episode 1
I'm so happy!
You're mean!

 Episode 2
You're so hot...
I'm jealous...

 Episode 3
I couldn't say no.
I was scared.

 Episode 4
It worries me.

 Episode 5
Don't worry.
How did you know?

 Episode 6
There must be another way...
Say: "Good luck."

 Episode 7
Do you hate him?
I'm fine!

Episode 8
I can't dance.
She was deceived.

 Episode 9
Talk to him
It's going to be okay!


Episode 1
I’m fine.
Katsuragi would notice.

Episode 2
(I wonder if he’s having a fun dream?)
I want to keep it light.

Episode 3
It’s just the two of us.
Check carefully

Episode 4
It’s probably a secret casino.
Should we look around?

Episode 5
Stay silent
Act reassuring

Episode 6
Take it while puzzled
Hold on to Katsuragi

Episode 7
Be concerned about the passengers

Wedding Sequel
Episode 1
I think I’d laugh.
Let’s take them some.
Episode 2
Poke fun at him too
It’s you I’m worried about.

Episode 3
There must be a reason...

Episode 4
Be embarrassed
Tell Katsuragi you trust him

Episode 5
I don’t know.
Enter the living room

Episode 6
Thank her

Episode 7
Choose your own dress
He seemed stubborn.

Episode 8
Protect Iori
Stay silent

Episode 9
Smile vaguely
That’d be good.

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