06 May, 2014

[Walkthrough] Office Secrets - Junya Sakurazawa

Main Story

Episode 1
Say it would be awkward

 Episode 2
Be sarcastic

 Episode 3
Why are you looking so serious?
It's just another side of you.

 Episode 4
Sit next to Junya
Stare at him

 Episode 5
Choose the doughnut
Stare at him

 Episode 6
Ask him to stand

 Episode 7
Don't worry!
Why aren't you upset?

Episode 8
Junya should tell Mr. Goda.
Do nothing

Episode 9
Agree with Mr. Goda
She's your girlfriend?

Episode 10
Go with him

Episode 11
I'll invite him to join me.
Do you want me to fix it for you?

 Episode 12
Carry on regardless
Don't struggle

 Episode 13
Get some drinks
I'll gloss over the truth.

 Episode 14
Call him
Call out

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