06 May, 2014

[Walkthrough] Office Secrets - Koji Nagumo

Main Story

 Episode 1
Mostly scared
I'm proud to be in this department.

Episode 2
We're ready for this challenge!
Try not to answer

 Episode 3
We can't get depressed!
You have a lot of good qualities.

 Episode 4
I'm not mad.
Of course!

Episode 5
Don't tell her the gossip
Wake Koji up

 Episode 6
Support Koji
Walk away

 Episode 7
I feel like a salary man.

Episode 8
It was the ramen.
Don't work too hard.

 Episode 9
I really don't know.
We'll fight the deputy CEO.

 Episode 10
We should make a change.

 Episode 11
I feel relieved.

 Episode 12
You're like a big kid.
Too much we don't know.

 Episode 13
We decided to trust this factory.
Invite him to sit on the sofa too

 Episode 14
Of course!
We were talking about you.

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