06 May, 2014

[Walkthrough] Office Secrets - Tamotsu Goda

Main Story

Episode 1
I need help.
I sympathize.

 Episode 2
I agree.
I want to test my abilities.

 Episode 3
Mr. Goda gave me some advice.

 Episode 4
That would be great!
It's a nice compliment.

 Episode 5
I am impressed a bit...
Pretend you saw nothing.

 Episode 6
Why not...
You figured it out...

Episode 7
I'm just really happy.
The view is amazing.

 Episode 8
I feel excited.
Let's get something to eat!

 Episode 9
I'm not okay still.
Bring it on!

 Episode 10
We could only think about Maruyama!
It's from a friend.

 Episode 11
Say you'll wait
It was lot of fun.

 Episode 12
Thank him later.
I'll take a little walk.

 Episode 13
We went home separately.

 Episode 14
I think it needs a soft touch.
I agree.


Episode 1
Suggest that he takes a bath

  Episode 2
Agree with Mr. Goda
They're trying their best!

 Episode 3
I'm starting the uniform project.
I try to avoid the subject

 Episode 4
I'd like you to look at it.
My work won't be wasted.

 Episode 5
Voice directly to Tamotsu
You're funny.

 Episode 6
Take the same elevator
Where did you go today?

Episode 7
Look away

 Episode 8
Mr. Goda is like that.
I will miss him

 Episode 9
Intervene myself
Everyone should cheer loudly!


The Proposal

Episode 1
Ask: “Is that a problem?”
Nod okay

Episode 2
Say that you’re happy
That would be reassuring.

Episode 3
Tell the truth
Grin and bear it

Episode 4
I’ll talk to him.
Talk to him here

Episode 5
I was called by Kashiwazaki.
Not really…

Episode 6
You don’t have to tell me.
I’m just so happy to see you.

Episode 7
That’s not always the case.

Episode 8
I feel a bit uneasy.
I love Infinite!

Episode 9
Challenge Kashiwazaki
Stop it!

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