May 6, 2014

[Walkthrough] Office Secrets - Shingo Kai

Main Story

Episode 1
Keep it professional
Chase after him

 Episode 2
Decide yourself
Turn away

 Episode 3
Good night.

 Episode 4
Stand up and speak
What are you looking at?

 Episode 5
Shall we go together?
I drank to much.

 Episode 6
I wouldn't change.

Episode 7
Ask him

 Episode 8
Persuade him
Insist that you do it

 Episode 9
I'm going shopping.
Ask Shingo

Episode 10
Jazz show
I'm cold.

Episode 11
Thank you.
Please stay...

Episode 12
I'm sorry...
Can we go home together?

Episode 13
Look at Shingo.
See you soon!

 Episode 14
Change the subject
White Chocolate

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