May 7, 2014

[Walkthrough] Our Two Bedroom Story - Minato Okouchi

Season 1: Main Story

Episode 1
Don’t forget to smile
Say goodnight
Episode 2
You could learn from him.
Good luck with your work, then.
Episode 3
I’m not in love.
Shall I give you lessons?
Episode 4
I’d believe he was coming and wait.

Episode 5
We’re not a couple.
Let me thank you.
Episode 6
Just say hi and go
Cover yourself with your hand
Episode 7
I want to stay with you.
I’m sure you’ll learn how to love in the end.
Episode 8
I’d rather hear it from him.
You should smile more.
Episode 9
It’s thanks to you.
I am.
Episode 10
Let him stay there
Episode 11
I’m sorry…
I’ll be fine.
Episode 12
Suggest it’s time to leave.
Here, have a warm drink.

Season 1: Sequel

Episode 1
Too bad, that's no excuse.
He's got a kind side, too.

Episode 2
Shout out
Are you worried about something?

Episode 3
It's a serious relationship.
Keep walking away

Episode 4
Stroke his head
That's not true!

Episode 5
Don't resist
I want you to stay with me.

Episode 6
Treat him gently
Hide Wataru behind you

Episode 7
Hug him
Laugh and say you don't believe him

Season 2: The Proposal

Episode 1
We sound like newly-weds.
I'd never cheat on you!

Episode 2
Fight back
Squeeze his hand

Episode 3
He'd the backbone.
Answer truthfully
Episode 4
Surrender to him
What if I want to call you?

Episode 5
How about I take that tiredness away?
Stay calm and make something up

Episode 6
Implore him to believe you
It's every woman's dream.

Episode 7
Tease him in all the chaos
Show me how you feel

Episode 8
Hug hi
That was fun!

Episode 9
Plead with him
Put your arms around his neck

Season 2: Don't tell him I'm Popular!

Episode 1
What about our goodbye kisses?
Try to keep the peace

Episode 2 
I know you don’t mean that.
Flutter your eyelashes

Episode 3
I’ll get you back one day.
Tug Minato’s clothes

Episode 4
Try to hold hands
Ask Tsumugu yourself

Episode 5
Give him a reassuring hug
Sit next to him

Episode 6
Lead Minato away
Hug him

Episode 7
Tell him you wish you could see him
Assume it’s a dream

Season 3: No Love Allowed
Episode 1
 Hug him
Anyone at all

Episode 2
I’ll give as good as I get!
Then you’ll have to protect me.

Episode 3
Gaze back into his eyes
Apologize for letting him be nice to you

Episode 4
Offer to give him a kiss
Take his hand

Episode 5
It’s kind of nice you got jealous.
Lie on my lap, honey?

Episode 6
Apologize sincerely
It’ll be ready by the time you get back.

Episode 7
I have to check the kitchen!
Thank him sincerely

(*Note: Sorry, this Walkthrough is still missing! If you by any chance have it, I would be very grateful if you could share them with us! Just send me a mail ( or post it in the comment box below. Thank you!)

Season 3: Three is a Crowd


  1. Hi just so you know your choices for the main story only gets you the good ending not the happy ending

    1. Thanks for telling! I'll check and fix it.