25 June, 2014

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Scarlet Fate + Gentoka

(*Note: It might be, that your love meter won't go up, because there is no right answer (I know that's strange, but Solmare made the game that way), so you can choose whatever you like. If you note, that an answer is wrong, or you know some of them, please send me a mail. Thanks (^^,)/   )

Main Story

Chapter 1

1.2 Get CG

1.7 Maybe… as some sort of atonement. [You made great choices!]
You don’t need a reason to help somebody. [No change]

1.8 Get CG
1.9 Get CG

1.15 Find Akifusa. [No change]
Find Gentoka. [You made great choices!]

1.18 Get CG

1.27 Go talk to Gentoka. [You made great choices!]
Go talk to Kuso. [No change]

1.29 Get CG
1.32 Get CG

Chapter 2

2.12 Go practice with a sword. [No change]
Go find the ancient texts. [No change]
See what Furutsuga is up to. [No change]

2.16 Go toward Toshi Temple. [No change]
Go toward the riverbed. [No change]

2.25 Help Gentoka. [You made great choices!]
Help Kuso. [No change]
Help Akifusa. [No change]

2.25 Get CG

(Passport Checkpoint: 1 Passports)

2.27 Get CG

Chapter 3

3.14 It’s my… fate. [No change]
….. [No change]

3.20 Go look for Gentoka. [You made great choices!]
Go look for Kuso. [No change]
Go look for Akifusa. [No change]

Chapter 4

4.8 (Passport Checkpoint: 2 Passports)

4.15 Go fight with Gentoka. [You made great choices!]
Go fight with Kuso. [[No change]
Go fight with Akifusa. [No change]

Chapter 5

[No choices]

Chapter 6

6.6 Take Akifusa’s side. [No change]
Take Kodonomae’s side. [No change]

6.7 Get CG

6.9 That’s going to be really hard. [No change]
I hope you can make it happen. [No change]

6.12Thank you. [You made great choices!]

6.16 (Charm Level Checkpoint: 550 Charm Required)

6.19 Talk with Gentoka. [You made great choices!]
Talk with Akifusa. [No change]
Talk with Furutsugu. [No change]

6.27 Go with Gentoka. [You made great choices!]
Go with Akifusa. [No change]
Go with Furutsugu. [No change]

6.27 Get CG

Chapter 7

7.11 (Passport Checkpoint: 2 Passports)

7.16 Go with Gentoka. [You made great choices!]
Go with Akifusa. [No change]
Go with Furutsugu. [No change]

Chapter 8

8.8 I’m sorry…. [No change]
Please leave me alone for a while. [No change]

8.16 Talk about my childhood with Akifusa and Tomonori. [You made great choices!]
Talk about my mother. [No change]

8.28 Get CG

Chapter 9
    9.7 What crimes are you talking about? [No change]
    It is the same for me. [No change]
9.8 (Passport Checkpoint: 3 Passports)
    9.16 Talk with Gentoka. [You made great choices!]
    Talk with Akifusa. [No change]
    Talk with Furutsugu. [No change]
9.40 Get CG

Chapter 10
10.7 (Passport Checkpoint: 3 Passports)
    10.13 Why do you keep saving me? [You could do better than that!]
    Thank you... [You made great choices!]
10.38 Get CG

10.51 I’ll fight alone. [You could do better than that!]
We'll fight together. [You made great choices!]

Chapter 11

11.5 (Passport Checkpoint: 2 Passports)

11.7 Get CG

11.24 You're not a monster. [You made great choices!]
... [You could do better than that!]

Chapter 12

12.9 Get CG

12.13 Get CG

12.18 (Passport Checkpoint: 2 Passports)

Chapter 13

13.27  (Passport Checkpoint: 3 Passports)

Get CG

Chapter 14

14.10  I'm fighting to live. [You made great choices!]

14.13  (Charm Checkpoint: 1500 Charm)

Get CG

Chapter 15
Depending on your answers you might get:
Sad Ending
Normal Ending
Happy Ending

(Get CG)


  1. God the female main character is such a whiner in this one. It irritates me that I gave the main character my name at the beginning. I wonder if she's so completely horrible in all of the story routes with other male protagonists or if it's just Gentoka's story. She is so ignorant that it rubs me the wrong way. I know some generous people may see it as Compassionate naivety but in my eyes her biggest sin is not killing her mother, it's living in the past, refusing to take even a step forward unless it's for her twisted version of atonement and dragging all those in the present down with her. She's so absorbed with wanting unhappiness cause she doesn't deserve anything and she's a sinner that it makes me want to hit the ipad screen...lol. I haven't finished this story yet. I plan to try one more route afterward if it's another wallow in my personal sadness, poor me story then I'll delete the app since this is the only shall we date game that I really feel so strongly negative about so far.

  2. Lmao ...to me it's a bit long winded but an average story...fun to see others point of view of this one.