25 June, 2014

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Scarlet Fate + Kuso-no-mikoto

(*Note:It might be, that your love meter won't go up, because there is no right answer (I know that's strange, but Solmare made the game that way), so you can choose whatever you like. If you note, that an answer is wrong, or you know some of them, please send me a mail. Thanks (^^,)/   )

Main Story

Chapter 1

1.2 Get CG

1.7 Maybe… as some sort of atonement. [No change]
You don’t need a reason to help somebody. [No change]

1.8 Get CG
1.9 Get CG

1.15 Find Akifusa. [No change]
Find Gentoka. [No change]

1.18 Get CG

1.27 Go talk to Gentoka. [No change]
Go talk to Kuso. [You made great choices!]

1.29 Get CG
1.32 Get CG

Chapter 2

2.12 Go practice with a sword. [No change]
Go find the ancient texts. [You made great choices!]
See what Furutsuga is up to. [No change]

2.16 Go toward Toshi Temple. [No change]
Go toward the riverbed. [No change]

2.25 Help Gentoka. [No change]
Help Kuso. [You made great choices!]
Help Akifusa. [No change]
2.25 (Passport Checkpoint: 1 Passport)

2.27 Get CG

Chapter 3

3.14 It’s my… fate. [No change]
….. [No change]

3.20 Go look for Gentoka. [No change]
Go look for Kuso. [You made great choices!]
Go look for Akifusa. [No change]

Chapter 4

4.8 (Passport Checkpoint: 2 Passports)

4.15 Go fight with Gentoka. [No change]
Go fight with Kuso. [You made great choices!]
Go fight with Akifusa. [No change]

Chapter 5

[No choices]

Chapter 6

6.6 Take Akifusa’s side. [No change]
Take Kodonomae’s side. [No change]

6.7 Get CG

6.9 That’s going to be really hard. [No change]
I hope you can make it happen. [No change]

6.12Thank you. [No change]
... [No change]

6.16 Go see Kuso. [You made great choices!]

6.16 Get CG

Chapter 7

7.4 (Charm Checkpoint: 550 Charm)

7.6 Look for Kuso. [You made great choices!]


8.28 Find Kuso. [You made great choices!]

Chapter 9

9.1 (Passport Checkpoint: 2 Passports)

9.2 Investigate the spirit world. [You made great choices!]
Check on the demon. [No change]

9.10 Because I am a sinner. [You made great choices!]
Because I was born to be Princess Tamayori. [No change]

Chapter 10

10.10 Look for Kuso. [You made great choices!]
Look for Kodonomae. [No change]

10.11 (Passport Checkpoint: 3 x Passports needed)

10.22 ...leap in. [No change]
  …call for help. [You made great choices!]

Chapter 11

11.? You are precious to me.[You made great choices!]

 11.? (Passport Checkpoint: 3 x Passports needed)

Chapter 12

12.? …Come in. [You made great choices!]

12.? (Passport Checkpoint: 2 x Passports needed)

Chapter 13  

13.?[You made great choices!]

13.? (Passport Checkpoint: 1 x Passport needed)

Chapter 14

14.? Look at him. [You made great choices!]

Chapter 15

15.? Please stop loving me.[You made great choices!]

15.? (Passport Checkpoint: 3 x Passports needed)

Chapter 16

16.11 (Charm Level Checkpoint: 3000 Charm needed )

Chapter 17
Depending on your answers you might get:
Sad Ending
Normal Ending
Happy Ending

(Get CG)


  1. I hate to ask a spoiler question, but: Does Gentoka die at all in Kuso's route (or any of the others, really)? Because I want to read it, but I honestly don't think I could handle Gentoka dying >_<

    1. Oh God, it's been ages since I last even thought of that game. I'm so sorry, but I just can't remember. I think he actually does die in one of the routes (was it Furutsugus?), but you know how long and complicated those stories are - you just somehow forget the half of the story until you finally reach the End (at least that's how it was for me). Maybe you want to ask Myladylydia Here on that page, since she did the Reviews on all routes -> https://myladylydia.wordpress.com/2014/09/26/scarlet-fate-gentoka-route-review-and-impressions-spoilers/

    2. Oh, I completely understand that, but thank you for responding! I'll definitely have to ask since just that confirmation that he does probably die in at least one route caught my breath (I did not anticipate getting this attached to him, omg - it's a first for me). Thank you so much!