27 July, 2014

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: My Fairy Tales - Cindo

Main Story

He's the prince of this castle.
(Picture 1)
All right, I swear.

I have to help Cindo.
I won't obey you, but I want to help.

Are you okay? (for SE: Master.)
I'll have to knock him out.

All right.
You should try to calm down.

I do want to touch you, but...
(Picture 2)
I can't apologize when I haven't done anything wrong.

No, thank you.
Go along with it.

I'm disappointed in you!

Be happy. (for SE: be suspicious.)
(Picture 3)
Then you'll miss the ball.

Prettier than the princess?
(Picture 4)
I must be dreaming...

You'll protect me, won't you?

Happy Ending
Sweet Ending = SE

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