27 July, 2014

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: My Fairy Tales - Seanwhite

Main Story

Because I'm better than you. (for SE: Because I'm smarter than you.)
I'll tell you.
(Picture 1)

No way!
Get angry.

Yes, because you said you like apples.
You don't need to hold on so tight. (for SE: Yes, that's good.)

Feed yourself. (for SE: Umm...Ok)
Yes, you're right.
(Picture 2)

Brush his hand away.
Don't say anything.

Be embarrassed.
I completely forgot.

Don't be selfish! (for SE: Are you jealous?)
If only it was.

(Picture 3)
You kissed me... (for SE: Ah, that hurts!)

I'm right here.

Yes, but... (for SE: Yes!)
I know it's dangerous, but...
(Picture 4)

I'll be your friend.

Happy Ending
Sweet Ending = SE

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