14 November, 2014

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Hero in Love - Billy

Main Story

(*Note: This Walkthrough leads to the Happy Ending. If you want the Sweet Ending (SE) choose the blue answers.)

Is he just a complete playboy?
Believe in him and watch him.
(Picture 1)

Stop messing around! (You're joking, right? = for SE)
No, it's alright.

That just doesn't seem right. (That good? = for SE)
Stay put.

It's not a game.
(Picture 2)
Hide somewhere.

They're kind of scary...
I don't want to kill them.

I'm sorry.
Yes, please.

They are really good at switching.
Please tell everyone as well.
(Picture 3)

Bow. (Good morning. = for SE)
Like a jewelry box. (It's like a starry Sky. = for SE)

(I don't want to say.)
Hold him gently.
(Picture 4)

Yes, I am. (I don't know. = for SE)
I don't want to give up.

What should I do? (Pretend to be angry. = for SE)
I'm sorry.

Happy Ending

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