January 15, 2015

[Walkthrough] Finally, in Love Again - Yuto Tsuruya

Season 1: Main Story

Episode 1
(Guess it couldn’t hurt to tell them…)
What about it resembles me?
Episode 2
It almost fits you too well!
Sounds like fun.

Episode 3
I’m sorry.
It was past elementary school age.

Episode 4
Were you waiting for me?
…I don’t know.

Episode 5
You look handsome.
Reject him outright

Episode 6
Well, of course not.
It’s not that I’m not interested in you.

Episode 7
I’m really not hurt at all.
Cheer up, ok?

Episode 8
Just the two of us?
I’m feeling thirsty.

Episode 9
Wake him gently
I’ll do my best.

Episode 10
It’s thanks to you.
I won’t forget about you.

Episode 11
I can’t accept that.
Yes, I love him.

Episode 12
Hand him a handkerchief
’The people you love’…?

Season 1: Sequel

Episode 1 
That’d be so embarrassing.
Me too!

Episode 2
Go ahead.
Yeah, it looks great on you.

Episode 3
Maybe just a little bit…

Episode 4
I said I was proud to have you as my boyfriend.
Let him embrace you.

Episode 5
Do you still have a fever?
Yuto, say something!

Episode 6
There’s no need to worry.
I agree with Yuto.

Episode 7
Maybe I’ll take your offer.
Open up.

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