15 January, 2015

[Walkthrough] Her Love in the Force - Hideki Ishigami

Meeting Him

Episode 1
S-seduction?! I-I… 
 I wanted to hand it to him myself…

Episode 2
No. I won’t quit.
 Thank you!

Episode 3
Speak honestly.
What’re you talking about?

Episode 4
Look away.

Episode 5
That’s fine!
Tell him the truth.

Episode 6
Don’t be absurd!
I’ll do everything perfectly next time.

Episode 7
Thank him.
It’s nothing.

Episode 8
Look out the window.
You know nothing about it. 

Episode 9
No, this is fine.
Be unable to talk.

Falling in Love

Episode 1
I-I sort of overslept…
Sit back and watch.

Episode 2
He’s actually kind isn’t he?

Episode 3
That’s tough for you, Ishigami.
Call out.

Episode 4
Well, why would I ever do that?

Episode 5
The full-time aides being changed around…
Peek in on the situation.

Episode 6
Of course!
Contact Goto.

Episode 7
What do you mean?
It’s because you taught me…

Episode 8
I do!
You were worried about me?

Episode 9
I won’t give up.
It’s all I can do.

(*Note: Special Thanks to Aiko for sending me this Walkthrough!)

Sequel: Tethered Hearts

Episode 1
I sure am!
Thank you...

Episode 2
Fine, thanks to you.
Have faith in me.

Episode 3
No such thing.
For real?

Episode 4
About this case...
We're lovers, too.

Episode 5
Yes, sir.

Episode 6
Discuss your plan
The real work starts now.

Episode 7
I'll play nurse.
You're impulsive!

Happy End

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