27 January, 2015

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: My Sweet Prince + All I Need is You (Melchiorre) Spin off

Chapter 1

  1.5 Don't worry about me. [Brilliant!]

I'm a little anxious, but...

1.8 Items Checkpoint: 1 Gold Key
Chapter 2

2.5 Items Checkpoint: 2 Gold Key

2.7 I understand how you felt. [Brilliant!]
  Thanks for noticing. 

Chapter 3
3.4 Items Checkpoint: 3 Gold Key

3.6 How can we make them understand?
Is there anything I can do? [Brilliant!]

Chapter 4
4.1 Items Checkpoint: 4 Gold Key

4.3 I think it was fate. [Brilliant!]  
I think we would have met.

If you need a Key to pass the Checkpoint, then they are on sale now. Only 4,000 Mina! And if you want to buy them normally, they cost.... 4,000 Mina!.... What a nice special sale!....

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