March 9, 2015

[Walkthrough] Enchanted in the Moonlight - Samon

Season 1: Main Story

Episode 1
You saved me?
You're joking right?

Episode 2
Look in his eyes
I'm not alone.

Episode 3
Don't apologize.

Episode 4
I won!
That's amazing!

Episode 5
It is...
Episode 6

Wipe his arm with a handkerchief.
I love the stitching!

Episode 7
They respect you.
I want Samon to decide for me.

Episode 8
It's Miyabi's fault.
Thanks for getting the spider.

Episode 9
You're not going home?
I like you no matter how you are.

Episode 10
What about you?
Put me down!

Episode 11
Stay with me.
You don't want me?

Episode 12
I look at Samon.
I'm not letting go.

Season 1: Sequel

Episode 1
We’re sleeping together?
I was talking in my sleep.

Episode 2 
Aren’t kimonos great?!
You’ll be a good dad.

Episode 3 
Can I pour you a glass?
Sit next to him

Episode 4 
What are you doing here?

Episode 5 
Don’t worry about me.
I got jealous.
Episode 6 
That’s Samon for you.
You came!
Episode 7
Give Samon power
You’re bleeding.

Season 2: Love Nest for Two

(*Note: This Walkthrough is still missing! If you by chance have the Walkthrough, would you be so kind and send it to me, so I can share it here for everyone? Thanks!)


  1. Don't forget to update this page with the the walkthrough for Samon's Sequel!!

    1. Hi there!
      Sorry for not replying to you for the last few days. I'm currently trying to catch up with all the mails and posts. Sorry for the weird layout of the comment box, I was just testing something. I'll also try to update the Walkthroughs asap.